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Please introduce yourself here.
Hello. My name is Scott. I am a political junkie of sorts but I find myself spent from social media. I thoroughly enjoy constructive discourse (and the occasional bit of drama) but I am grow weary of hacks, attacks, and endless ad hominem from a society that eats too many Big Macs.

In terms of politics, I am of the impression that the Bretton Woods agreement is on borrowed time and I support re-engagement of Latin America including a regional agricultural cooperative and associated infrastructure. I do not wish to debate the present so much as constructive endeavors that support the future.

I am probably what you would call an imperialist in the classic sense.

So that's all there really is to me. I do not know if this is where I am supposed to be, but I will contemplate my placement as I down multiple bottles of cough syrup whilst smoking the magical cow patties... :D :lol:

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