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maz wrote:What I can't understand is why the religious debate of Israel and Jerusalem only includes Christianity. Neither Christians nor Muslims are in control of Israel and Jerusalem.

Seems like we are omitting at least least one third of the debate in these discussions.

Did you just join this discussion? Perhaps you should go back and read this thread from the beginning. The Zionist Jews haven't been overlooked at all. They are necessary for the rebirth of Israel and Jerusalem as a Jewish homeland. Christians contributed to that also. The Muslims are the evil force that has been fighting against Israel as a safe haven for Jews.
The religious stuff over the last three pages is off-topic, go discuss that elsewhere. If I see more again I suppose I'll go to the effort of reporting every religious post again so they can be deleted again.

As Ter said:

Ter wrote:All these theological and etymological discussions are off-topic and in the meantime Israel is killing prisoners in the open air concentration camp that is called Gaza to maintain their ethnocentric Apartheid State by using State Terrorism and committing genocide and ethnic cleansing !
(@skinster did I get all of that right?)

I gave it a slight edit but yes, you did well, thanks. :D

Looking forward to seeing this documentary on the great march of return protests, it comes out next month.
The propaganda that err...reports on how Israelis kill Palestinian children on average three times per week EVERY week.

Or 500+ during the last attacks on Gaza a few years ago? Or...I don't know, how many hundreds of children have been killed in these 13-month protests?

Not that you care that the people you support are child killers who get away with the same in broad daylight. It's clear you don't consider Palestinians to be humans, but they are, as much as your own children.
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