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By Patrickov
QatzelOk wrote:But if this really hits a nerve with you... I can see why you would be easily lead to hate anyone who eats less processed and more traditional cuisine.

As a Han Chinese, I eat very traditional and un-processed cuisine more than half of the time, even down to the raw materials are procured by my own family (sometimes myself) fresh from market, without canning or such.

That part of superiority doesn't mean I think my society is superior to the West, as back in the British days we could enjoy very much the same thing.

As such, I consider that "point" of yours to be a metaphor of anything Western, rather than literally meaning Western processed food.
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By ckaihatsu
Patrickov wrote:
His stance in the Russia-Ukraine war, which is close to Igor Antunov, Independent_Srpska, ingliz, Negotiator, etc. pretty much betrays what he thinks.

Oh, gee, okay, I guess now I'm *obligated* to ask: What's Qatzel's stance -- ?
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By QatzelOk
ckaihatsu wrote:Oh, gee, okay, I guess now I'm *obligated* to ask: What's Qatzel's stance -- ?

I know. Let's ask QatzelOk himself.


My stance is that the Western PolicemanTM has always been a usury-enforcing terrorist.

Michel Foucault would call it "a disciplinary institution" and what the Western cops have been using their big stick for the last few centuries... is to destroy all the traditional cultures and traditions of the world and replace them with highly profitable "velveeta cheese" solutions to problems that don't exist.

A market economy, abrahamic religion, industrialization, woke virtue signalling... all of them are velveeta sandwiches on wonder bread.

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By ckaihatsu

Sherry Hakimi, an Iranian American activist and founder and executive director of a nonprofit focused on gender equality, was one of five Iranian women invited to meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other top State Department officials in October to offer their advice on how the U.S. could best support protesters.

“I appreciate that senior U.S. leaders have been listening to the calls made by Iranians and Iranian Americans alike,” she told The Hill, but said governments need to be more innovative in how they think about aiding the protesters.

“These are unprecedented times – this is the first female-led revolution – so meeting the moment requires unprecedented measures.”

Hakimi said that on top of sanctions and efforts to hold the Islamic Republic accountable at the United Nations, countries should focus on providing health care assistance because injured protesters risk arrest if they seek care at a hospital.

“I want to see more health care-focused aid being sent to Iran, whether that’s through the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, or some other organization or mechanism. There are parts of Iran where people are no longer able to seek treatment, because the regime has made it impossible — either hospitals won’t treat them or if they do go to a hospital they can risk arrest, which makes things worse,” she said.

“To me, that seems like one of the most basic things.” ... -for-iran/


“Protesting in Iran is not like protesting in any other country,” he said, referencing the extreme tactics of targeting protesters, the use of live ammunition, detentions, allegations of torture and killings.

NUFDI is advocating for the U.S. and other governments to explore setting up a “strike fund” to distribute the Islamic Republic’s frozen assets abroad among protesters who have their livelihoods threatened by the government.

“So providing, at least, a small modicum of financial support to allow these workers to go on strike and allow their families to have bread at the end of the day … are very tangible means by which a foreign government could empower the Iranian people,” he said, calling for governments to devise a “mechanism” to deliver such cash. ... -for-iran/
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By ckaihatsu

On Friday - at Iran's World Cup game against Wales - some protesters had Persian pre-revolutionary flags snatched from them by pro-government fans at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium.

Insults were also reportedly hurled at some people wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the words "woman, life, freedom" - a phrase that has become a rallying cry among protesters against Iran's authorities.

One Iranian spectator alleged that Qatari police ordered her to wash off the names of protesters killed by Iran's security forces from her arms and chest after pro-government fans complained.

Another woman said she was prevented from wearing a T-shirt with Ms Amini's face in the stadium.
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By QatzelOk
On Friday, as Montreal prepares to host the COP15 conference on biodiversity, several endangered species have been caught on video protesting what they see as an "unmerited obsession" with human protests against other humans.

A group of leatherback turtles have been blockading the wetlands leading to the conference for the last 24 hours, prohibitting other amphibians from attending the important event.

Leatherback turtle spokesperson Amanda Cupples, speaking to reporters, claimed: "Even other humans are protesting the current human destruction of our wetlands. Maybe it's time to look beyond competing with other species to death." dec 2022
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