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The American Muslim soft jihad (propaganda in campuses, Linda Sarsour of Women's March, BDS etc) is no less dangerous. On recent years they are appropriating the phraseology of the anti racist struggle.

Note the color of their propaganda material. The color of jihad. Red, green, white, black (Pan-Arab colors). Most of the middle eastern countries share the same colors on their national flags, but here it propaply refers to the Palestinian flag, the historical spearhead of the Arab–Islamic jihad.

1 October 2017. Marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall on Sunday, decrying a resurgence of white supremacy they say President Trump has enabled.
Don't count your Muslims until they're hatched.

A slightly more sane source than the one in the OP

Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting

At least two people have been killed and 24 others wounded in a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert.
A gunman opened fire at an open-air country music festival at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the city's strip.
Hundreds of people fled the scene and the sound of what appeared to be prolonged automatic gunfire could be heard on videos posted on social media.
Police said a suspect "was down" and they did not believe there were any more attackers.
There had been reports of other incidents at different locations along the Las Vegas strip.
Live updates on Las Vegas mass shooting
A hospital spokeswoman said 14 of the wounded were in a critical condition.
The shooting took place at around 22:30 (05:30 GMT). Witnesses reported that hundreds of shots were fired.
Parts of the area were shut down as armed police arrived at the scene of the attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival.
People have been sheltering in hotels, restaurants and at Las Vegas McCarran airport.
Some flights were diverted after news of the incident emerged.
The country music festival had been taking place since Friday at several hotels on the Las Vegas strip.
jessupjonesjnr87 wrote:Could be Muslim but most mass shootings in America are carried out by non muslims so I dont onow why that would be the first assumption.

Yes its interesting how the question arises. The religion of peace only makes up 0.8 % of the population. It would be shocking if this turned out to be a Muslim, well someone pretending to be a Muslim. Bush and Obama both declared 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam.
Local residents can't be muslim?

They can, but the police are not backwards in coming forward when a muslim is involved in a mass shooting. Seeing as they know his name and address, the registered license plates and makes of his cars, and his girlfriend's name, you would expect them to know his religion.

Reichstraten wrote:muslims hate most music after all...

According to the latest Sheriff's briefing, "it's not [Islamic] terror related."

Shooter named as Stephen Paddock, 64 years old, from Mesquite, NV.

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