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Victoribus Spolia wrote:Never a good sign.

There's isn't a clear left-right distinction in France when it comes to social issues. There have been similar protests under every French president as far as I can remember (Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande). It's just the French being French.

E.g., 2003:

France grinds to a halt amid protests at Chirac reforms

Hundreds of thousands of protesting French workers poured on to the streets yesterday in the largest anti-government demonstrations for almost a decade. ... forms.html


Chirac backs down and scraps youth job law

President Jacques Chirac caved in yesterday to France's biggest street protests for decades and scrapped the controversial new youth employment law, handing a victory to the unions and a blow to his prime minister, Dominique de Villepin. Mr Chirac was desperate for a way out of France's two-month political crisis which has seen millions march, sixth-formers and students blockade schools and universities, and protesters occupy the Sorbonne for the first time since 1968. ... echrisafis

Victoribus Spolia wrote:Image

Albert wrote:The difference about these protest then from the past is that it not about a particular issue but a protest about broad level of concerns. Betokeningly a powered keg was sparked by the fuel tax.

Good point.

What says you @Rugoz, you really think this is just business as usual?


.....shit's gettin' real.
French President Emmanuel Macron has given in to the demands of the Yellow Jacket protesters and cancelled a planned fuel tax increase slated for January, French media reports.

“No suspension, no moratorium, the increase in fuel taxes on January 1 is canceled,” Macron reportedly said on Wednesday.

The statement comes after Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced that the government would suspend the tax hike for six months, which was met with severe backlash in France.

Philippe acknowledged the permanent cancellation Wednesday, revealing the proposal had been officially taken off the 2019 budget.

Thank God for the Trump of God.
His general platform was about trimming the bloated state, liberalising the economy? French state workers are too militant to really do this without overwhelming public support?

Anyway, the given reasons seem to be tax rises though I wonder if it’s the threat to the cushy government gravy train that is at the core of the whole thing. The union bosses sensed he was weakening and the time was right.
layman wrote:Anyway, the given reasons seem to be tax rises though I wonder if it’s the threat to the cushy government gravy train that is at the core of the whole thing. The union bosses sensed he was weakening and the time was right.

Also a very good point, though the ambulance pay-per-quota seemed pretty ridiculous.

Maybe thats why the French are statists, they are too stupid to function in a private system without coming up with retarded ideas like pay-per-patient quotas for EMTs and paramedics.

Regardless, this shows what will happen whenever a state does actually attempt to curtail its path of deficits and debt caused by bloat.

In essence, the expansion of the government is inevitable and irreversible, which is also why collapse is inevitable.
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The only thing i do not understand from this situation. This is an outcome of closing down nuclear plants but why is Nuclear Energy not green? :eh: It does not produce carbon emissions(Well it does but like any general activity).
It is a mater of keeping it safe not a matter of it being "bad". Nuclear power is more cleaner than any other source that we have if the waste is handled properly. It is way better if we actually fund and build newer generation of reactors that will make the waste reusable by itself so the situation will become 20 times better. Why are we not funding this?
JohnRawls wrote:closing down nuclear plants

If this was really about climate change they'd be building nuclear plants and investing at least a couple trillion a year internationally in developing better nuclear technology. It's a scandal that the funding for energy research isn't even 1% of what we spend on the military.

According to a new report from the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC), a committee of six executives including Bill Gates and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, US funding for energy research development and demonstration (RD&D) is detrimentally modest – stunting current growth and weakening the nation’s competitive advantage. The committee argues that current spending of about $5 billion annually should be tripled immediately. As a percentage of economic output, US funding lags well behind its western counterparts Canada, France, Denmark, and Norway – maybe the shining example of a hydrocarbon-fueled green state – among others. ... -Not-a-lot
I predict mini nuclear reactors will soon dominate. They are being held back by government collusion with big energy, but they will eventually break through simply because they are too practical to be stopped forever.
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