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By Ter
Libertarian353 wrote:So you saying the only reason you people defend him is because he's white?

I don't defend him, you did.
I don't care if he is black or white, you do.
I am not a racist, you are.
colliric wrote:
No. I don't call him white. His "whiteness" never mattered to me. I believe his vertiligo diagnosis, I always did. Yes I think RACISM is in fact a part of this. They can't leave the most successful BLACK man of the 20th century alone.

Yes I'm defending a black man. He's dead and the bloodsuckers won't leave him and his kids alone.

I agree, regardless of color these people are vultures. Remember how racists tried to make a big deal when some white rock band sold more albums than thriller allegedly .
layman wrote:The Victorian “child porn” they found in his possession seems pretty damning to me.

There is no real innocent explanation given the other facts and context.

Apparently they didn't find any child porn:

Huffington Post wrote:These were all items that were entered in court back in 2005 ― items that were well known to both the prosecution and defense and were presented before both Judge Melville and the jury. None of the items seized from Neverland fit the legal definition of child pornography, and in fact many of the items that are currently creating the most media hysteria were not pornographic at all. They were legal art books; a few of them containing some examples of adult erotica, but again, these were not titles that could be in any way deemed as pornographic or even obscene. This isn’t to say that Jackson didn’t own any pornography at all. The truth was that a sizable amount of adult heterosexual pornography had been confiscated in the raid, but Jackson was a grown man and this type of pornography is not illegal to own.

Before this thread and documentary I was pretty convinced that MJ was a child molestor who simply got away because he had money but I had never really bothered to check anything. Due to this thread and documentary I am getting quite convinced that he was probably not. He clearly had issues sourcing from a terrible abusive childhood that he had and as Beren said that is more of an illness than a sin but the fact remains that his 2 accusers in this documentary are pretty unreliable people that have indeed committed perjury and who have also tried to get money out of his estate.
By layman
I had understood they were images naked children, found by police, but didn’t count as porn for technical reasons. Victorian vintage “art”’or something.

Assuming this isn’t true, his guilt seems to depend on individuals testimony and general “weirdness”. If they were naked children then It would be very suspicious given the context.

Devil is in the details of what was found.
Rancid wrote:This documentary is a wonder cash grab.

I'm thinking I should invest in documentaries about controversial figures that are now deceased.


Just come out of the closet and confess how MJ molested you, I'd suggest you highlight your Caribbean heritage.

The untold story of a poor single mother's boy from the Caribbean we've never heard of yet...

It doesn't matter if it's not true, you could be as much credible as anyone.
By Rugoz
layman wrote:There is no real innocent explanation given the other facts and context.

Why? I sleep with children from other parents in my bed all the time, I write them love faxes and I own books with pictures of nude children/adolescents. It's completely harmless.

Or at least that's what the pofo wacko jacko defense league wants you to believe. :lol:
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By Beren
Also, @Rancid, now I officially charge you a 10% commission, so as long as PoFo exists I can prove you got the idea from me and you owe me ca$h. It's not that much, if you make $$$$$$$$$$, I only get $, so you still have $$$$$$$$$.
I just finished watching the documentary and I believe that these guys were molested by Michael Jackson.
I watched some of it last night and I don't think they were.

None of the parents mentioned behavioural problems the kids had at the time , or of them showing any reluctance to visit Michael Jackson while all this molesting was supposedly going on.

They all seemed pretty well balanced indivduals to me.
By Rich
I was the victim of a homosexual predator when I about 10 or 11, he was about 4 and half year older than me. There was only one occasion, I'm pretty sure of that, probably as I didn't respond. Him giving me oral sex was the worst perversion that he inflicted on me. He got out his father's hetro sexual pornography, which I did find arousing. I think some people just don't understand just how devious these homosexual predators can be. They will use heterosexual pornography to try and arouse their victims, even if they have no heterosexual feelings themselves.

He was a friend for a number of years before the incident and our friendship petered out over the following year or so. I have never revealed this to anyone that knew him. So I have protected him for a number of reasons. I didn't hate him and had no wish to destroy his life. It is inevitable that even totally heterosexual boys feelings will be conflicted around older predatory homosexual males that they have had a significant relationship with. Its totally normal for heterosexual boys to look up to and admire older males.

It would probably have upset my parents if I had revealed it. It would probably have caused them far more suffering to them than the incident caused me. Again a serious consideration for most victims of child sexual abuse. My parents were in no way responsible for this. My parents were in no way negligent, but how much more difficult must it be for boys where their parents have been negligent or even worse complicit with the abuser.

Never having had a homosexual feeling myself, despite having heterosexual feelings form a young age, I had no conception of homosexuality at that age. But still I feel a certain level of shame. Just like some of Jacksons victims, it is the attacks on other victims that compel me to speak out, when I would have been happy to move on and let it go. A few people seem to realise how important shame is to holding Muslim societies together where homosexual predation takes place on an industrial scale. Islam is Stockholm syndrome raised to a civilisation.

The left's defence of homosexual predators is totally disgusting, but totally predictable. For the Leftie if a Muslim commits an atrocity, he by definition is not a real Muslim. Similarly if a homosexual man is caught in sexual predation, he is by definition not a real homosexual. This is why lefties were so enraged by Kevin Spacey admitting that he was a homosexual. From the leftie point of view, he had lost his right to be a homosexual, he had lost the privilege of being a homosexual.

But for the left the urge to defend Black predators is even stronger, having lost so many Black role models many want to hang on to Jackson. For Lefties race is fixed, unchangeable. We mock lefties, by calling Jackson trans racial but for the Leftie there is no such thing. Race is absolutely unchangeable, although at the same time it doesn't exist. This is why Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren's trans racial antics have so enraged so many on the left. She's clearly pulling a trans racial stunt, but by proving her race heritage she undermines the argument that race doesn't exit.

just imagine if an "innocent" White Republican multi millionaire Congressman or Senatorial candidate shared a bed with multiple 10 year old girls. And lefties you wonder why you are hated. :roll: Jackson used his wealth and power to bed multiple boys, never mind, what it can be proved he did in bed, never mind what additional crimes, what additional deviancy he got up to. Jackson should have been swinging from a lamp post for his crime pour encourager les autres'.
Rich wrote:Jackson should have been swinging from a lamp post for his crime pour encourager les autres'.

Go back in time in a time machine to 2005 and tell the Prosecution to present corroborating evidence and credible witnesses.


(Video was originally published as a Huffington Post article in 2010, the uploader is simply reading it)

Great summary of the bullshit trial.

Wade Robson is a complete Joke:
By Rich
colliric wrote:Go back in time in a time machine to 2005 and tell the Prosecution to present corroborating evidence and credible witnesses.

Is it seriously denied that he shared a bed with multiple boys, if it is then I withdraw that particular statement. If not it stands.

And let me be clear I don't condone heterosexual predators. I'm not OK with Gandhi having naked massages with a thirteen year old girl while making his followers live in single sexual apartheid. It was tragic the way his assassination turned this bigoted, narcissistic, Islamic terrorist apologist, fraudster into some kind of innocent victim. I have never condoned Mohammad's rape of a nine year old girl. However we have to accept that homosexual predators are significantly more dangerous than heterosexual predators. There is a significantly higher risk that they will engage in torture or even murder. we see this in Afghanistan with the willingness of some of the Muslim police chiefs to murder their sex slave boys if they try to escape.

Fuck, even his sister was telling everyone he was a pedo in the early 90's. You get away with anything in this world if you have money and power.
Latoya Jackson recanted/retracted those statements and has since repaired her relationship with her family.

So that's not relevant at all.
colliric wrote:Latoya Jackson recanted/retracted those statements and has since repaired her relationship with her family.

So that's not relevant at all.

oh so her family disowned her until she stopped losing them money by telling the truth. That's quite sad.

How is it not relevant?
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By Ter
Only now did I see that MJ's sister had the same surgeon to change her nose and she even suffered from the same skin disease to make her white !
It is a miracle.
colliric wrote:

It's all coming out. He's fucken been jealous for decades. Corey Feldman is again finding himself having to defend Michael. Expect Culkin to make his own statement soon.

Corey Feldman says he can 'no longer defend' Michael Jackson


colliric wrote:FBI investigated him for years and found shit all

What do you think about this? in the mid 80's he was accused before the court cases and settlements. Just another coincidence i suppose.

]Michael Jackson reportedly faced a secret probe by the FBI on suspicion of sexually abusing two Mexican boys and possessing a child sex tape.

Bombshell documents are believed to have revealed a witness tipped off Los Angeles police over claims Jackson had molested two young lads in 1985 or 1986.

A 1993 memo, obtained by The Sun Online , suggests the witness told the LAPD that the boys had reported the alleged abuse to the FBI.

It also alleges the bureau closed down their investigation because the superstar was due to receive an award from the president at the time.

So Ronald Regan saved him. :knife:
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