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This whole thing is a waste of our words and thoughts guys. It’s all bullshit.

Trump hasn’t said anything racist and he certainly isn’t inciting hatred. And I don’t think this Omar lady is a terrorist sympathizer. This is a non issue.

Is everyone just trying to detract from the fact the Mossad stormed an Iranian tanker yesterday? :excited:
BigSteve wrote:If the purpose of the study was to show that racism played a role for some people, then you'll get no argument from me.

Yes, that is the purpose.

And since Trump knows that racism is a viable tactic, he will use it.

They kinda' do.

I've offered up something to show that racism did not play a role in why I, and others, voted for Trump. Despite what those studies say, racism did not play a role.


How can you explain that?

I already explained tjat your reasons are irrelevant to the study since it is possible for you to have one reason, and for other US voters to have other reasons.
Palmyrene wrote:Buzz words don't make logical sense. They appeal to your emotion.

I can probably do the same and get loads of political power. You don't even need charisma; Trump doesn't have it.

I served in the military for 20 years defending my country, so Trump does appeal to my emotions of patriotism. Trump has done a good job in revealing the radical anti-American views of these 4 Democrat women, who played the race card as they often do, so they can claim to be the victim of a bully.
Bigsteve said: "I'd be willing to be that there was no shortage of white supremacists who voted for Trump for the same ideological reasons that a lot of black people voted for Obama."

No sport. Just no. But thanks for illustrating your racism for all of us to see. Why your racism?
What you just said above.

White supremacists did not "vote for Trump FOR THE SAME IDEOLOGICAL REASONS that a lot of black people voted for Obama". Not by a long shot. Black people did not vote for Obama because they wanted to continue to oppress whites. The have never oppressed whites in the first place. They did not vote for Obama because they thought they were genetically superior to whites. They did not vote for Obama to continue racism that has existed for generations.

I find the shallowness of those on the far right little short of astonishing. The above is not rocket science. But then, for some people, perhaps it is. I will be kind and accept ignorance as the excuse. That is so much nicer than overt and deliberate racism.

Now do you see how easy that was?
Hindsite wrote:I served in the military for 20 years defending my country, so Trump does appeal to my emotions of patriotism.

Well good on you for admitting that your views don't really represent reality.

Trump has done a good job in revealing the radical anti-American views of these 4 Democrat women, who played the race card as they often do, so they can claim to be the victim of a bully.

I'm not sure he was even referring to the 4 congresswomen. He could be referring to anyone. He could've literally mistaken a White House servant for a congresswoman. The guy's in his 70s and dementia's probably catching up to him.

Also none of them played the race card. The only people who have are conservatives who think AOC or Omar being brown means that they're evil.

And making a racist statement isn't the best way to say that they play the race card. If anything it reinforces their point.
ness31 wrote:He goes on about one of the congresswomen talking about Al Qaeda as though she supported them, I cant imagine that being true :hmm: If anyone has any specific footage for viewing to the contrary though, post it.

It's a staple on FoxNews.

ness31 wrote:Edit - oh, and what business that is of Britain’s, who knows?

Teresa May is going down in flames, and this is just her parting shot as she will likely be succeeded by BoJo.

Godstud wrote:What they think is very important.

Teresa May has taken shots at Trump before. She probably had a hand in Christopher Steele's dossier, as I'm betting he didn't act alone.

Traveller wrote:Nobody truly thinks his comments were racist.

He didn't mention race in his comments at all. He obviously met his mark, as establishment types are siding with the radicals. They played right into his hands again. You'd think they'd learn.

Traveller wrote:People who SAY they think the tweets were/are racist are liars and they are lying to virtue signal.

They are hoping it is a 'teachable moment' where they can sway Trump supporters away from Trump. Nobody will remember this in November of 2020. Heck, Republicans calling for him to step down before the election in 2016 were ignored and he still went on to win. What his tweets do is force Democrat leadership to come to the aid of extremists in their own party--extremists who are calling them racists too. :roll: Moderate independents will eschew the Democrats as a result. However, it's important to remember that Trump is playing with the non-rational part of people's brains, and he seems rather masterful at it. This sticks deep in people's minds. The masses do not follow these things rationally. They do so emotionally, and that's what Trump is doing.

Traveller wrote:They refuse, REFUSE to look at the merits of his point of view and instead they shift the focus to "omg, someone hurt our feelings!".

In the 1980s, the media had to operate according to the "Fairness Doctrine." That no longer exists. So you no longer have CNN's Crossfire with Tom Braden vs. Pat Buchannan. Even Hannity started his television career with Hannity and Colmes, as a paean to Crossfire. Yet, now it's just Hannity. On CNN, it's just the left. There is no balance. So how does Trump reach deep into the heart of the Democratic party media establishment to get his message forward? He does exactly this sort of thing. They are formulaic and knee-jerk in their response. Yet, Trump's seemingly off-the-cuff tweets are actually very calculated.

Traveller wrote:As far as the UK? The UK is a failed society - a failed government and the only hope for true liberty of the people of the UK is revolution.

Yeah. The globalists are getting shelled and they have rendered the UK unrecognizable and consequently are unpopular in the US, UK and pretty much everywhere else.

ness wrote:Holy moly, you’d be shocked and appalled by some of the stuff he said :lol:

Churchill was a classic. Today's establishment hates Churchill though.

Pants-of-dog wrote:This is clearly a re-election ploy for Trump.

He is hoping that his overt displays of racism will cement support from his base.

Trump already has his base. Trump is reminding white blue collar Democrats that the Democratic party has become radical and hates them because they are white. He specifically omitted any racial reference from his rhetoric, because he will probably be campaigning to get some of the black vote as well. Blacks are mostly Christian in the US. Highlighting Omar's verbal dalliance with Al Qaeda and ISIS is off-putting to black Americans. Some of them will never vote for Trump, but if they don't show up to vote for Biden, Trump wins again.

Pants-of-dog wrote:Trump is also doing this as an effort to focus attention on the Squad, since he loses ground every time the media focuses on the Democrat front runners.

He's doing it to make the presidential contenders defend the squad against his attacks--thereby associating them with the beliefs of the squad. Right now, only Joe Biden has a chance of winning the election, and he's already harmed himself enough by acquiescing to the squad. Bill Clinton won the presidency from a very popular George H.W. Bush in part with his "Sista Souljah" moment. All of the Democrats have failed on this count by middle American standards. Right now, this will make Trump's approval numbers go down and his negatives go up. Yet, he's driving up the negatives of the Democrats in the process, just as he did with Hillary Clinton.

BigSteve wrote:Trump is exercising HIS right of free speech (he still has that, you know). Why do you take such a hypocrtitical stance?

Trump said she couldn't leave fast enough in the context of helping Somalia. He also said she could leave, or she could stay, but she should love America. Trump said nothing about race. What this means is that the establishment still doesn't now how or why he won.

noemon wrote:Telling them to shut up because they are foreigners who should go back where they came from is the very definition of racism.

Racism is more like having a different set of political rights, privileges and immunities based upon racial characteristics. Telling someone to go back where they came from fits the definition of xenophobia better.

noemon wrote:Trump could have said the same thing without being racist but he chose to be racist because well racism seems to be the only thing he has got going on for himself.

Trump specifically omitted race. Trump knows how people like you are going to react. Once he has your ire, you are operating on an emotional rather than a rational basis. Your reaction serves Trump's political ends. Since Trump didn't mention race and you did, to people who are not upset about what Trump said, it appears to them that you are the one obsessed with race. To you, it's just so obvious that Trump is racist. That's not how it appears to others. Illusionists always have the big breasted woman in a bikini to distract the audience from the sleight of hand.

noemon wrote:Trump is trying to remove the right of free speech from American citizens based on their ethnic-origin and is trying to rally his supporters towards that goal.

That's a popular thing to do on the left these days, so it will not harm Trump's support.

BigSteve wrote:Hey, I was wishing that Omar would shut the fuck up long before Trump said it.

This @noemon is what you are not understanding. People like Omar are loathed in the US because so much has been given to them, while at the same time the US establishment trashes white blue collar people. Trump is just saying what BigSteve already thinks. As I said above, Trump is just locking in that white Democratic blue collar vote that needs reminding.

BigSteve wrote:Telling someone to shut the fuck up is not, will never be, and has never been "racist"...

Quite right. However, @noemon will take his statements and make them mean things he didn't say, repeat what he didn't say to others, condemn Trump, and I'm guessing doing so in the hopes that you too will condemn Trump? I'm just amazed at the mastery. It's all in plain site. Trump specifically omitted race, didn't mention anyone by name, yet they all know exactly who he is talking about. So they start interpolating their interpretations into his words, and they go absolutely ballistic.

Pants-of-dog wrote:Trump, of course, will neither admit to racism nor stop being racist.

This strategy helped get him elected in 2016*, and he is probably counting on it working again.

It is working again. Trump counts Kanye West among his friends. Kanye West's wife, Kim Kardashian, pitched sentencing reform to Trump as it was unfair largely to black people. Trump got that enacted into law. Obama IS black, and he never bothered to do that. A cop friend of mine points out that Obama came to San Francisco over 25 times and never once visited the predominantly black neighborhoods. Obama hung out almost exclusively in Pacific Heights, which is derogatorily known as "Specific Whites"--meaning very wealthy people. Yet, Trump, derided as racist more than presidents who actually were racist, with just some phone calls and meetings from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian single-handedly pushed prison sentencing reform. He can run for re-election on this fact. If Obama cared about black people, why didn't he propose sentencing reform? What Trump is illustrating is that the political left is hollow and meaningless. This time, Trump has real results.

Pants-of-dog wrote:This is why he is doubling down on the racism now.

He's doubling down on making people like you call him racist without a solid policy justification to support your position.

Pants-of-dog wrote:...but the thread is about his racist tweets.

In which he never mentioned anyone by name or anyone's race...

noemon wrote:You are explicitly denying the racism in Trump's statement despite the fact that it is clearly singling out American citizens due to their ethnic-origins which as we saw is what the definition of racism/racial discrimination is all about.

12% of the US Congress is comprised of immigrants or children of immigrants. Trump's wife is an immigrants. Trump never mentioned ethnic origins in his comments. He mentioned people who came to America and are now bashing America. That's not all of the immigrants in Congress. It's four specific members of Congress, which he didn't specify by name, race, ethnicity, gender or religion. Yet, everybody knew who Trump was talking about by what those four say about America.

BigSteve wrote:Fact of the matter is that, understanding that three of them were born here, I don't agree with his tweet with regards to them.

Yeah, that part that they are all immigrants was incorrect. Where others are speculating on racism, I'm speculating on whether he knew that and decided to leave some inaccuracies in his tweet. However, I think two of the others are children of immigrants. AOC's mother is from Puerto Rico and so are her father's grandparents.

Hindsite wrote:Omar was the one that was not born in America. Trump was primarily addressing her when he said go back to where you came from and fix it and then come back and tell how it is done. It just so happens that the other women of color have been supporting her outrageous comments and making outrageous comments themselves that made them all seem like they hated America.

This is what they aren't getting--you picked up every detail of his statement. They are omitting details of his statement and then twisting it to mean what they want it to mean. Yet, Trump does this so transparently. The guy beat Hillary Clinton and had no prior political experience, and they are still sticking with the same strategy that failed spectacularly in 2016. Those outrageous comments are made by others in the squad too, like Rashida Tlaib who is also a member of the Democratic Socialists along with AOC.

Hindsite wrote:After several deeply disturbing comments about the terror organization, the congresswoman is facing legitimate criticism and inquiries.

She refused to condemn the Antifa terrorist attack on the ICE detention facility too.

Hindsite wrote:Trump has done a good job in revealing the radical anti-American views of these 4 Democrat women, who played the race card as they often do, so they can claim to be the victim of a bully.

That's the 4D chess move. The Democrats are annoyed with these women and said so; then, the squad called Pelosi a racist. Who defended Pelosi? Trump! How did Pelosi repay that? By calling Trump a racist! The dude is a freaking genius. Again, he gets millions of dollars in free publicity and they cannot help but give it to him.

@Sivad saw this coming too. I authored DEMOCRATS DUMP POTENTIAL MAJORITY LEADER FOR 28-YEAR OLD SOCIALIST!, and Sivad mentioned the results in 2020. Some people just don't have a long range viewpoint. You've got the Hindsite, I've got the foresight. :) Trump has to have some strong grounding in neuroscience or NLP or something to be pulling this off.
When @blackjack21 manages to show how Trump’s statements are not racially discriminating American congresswomen based on their ethnic-origin then perhaps he can be taken seriously, until then this is just a litmus test for all involved.

Regarding your abject nonsense about me caring if Trump gets reelected, I could not care a single bit. In fact I truly hope he does so that the Democratic party gets transformed as I have said very recently.

The fact of the matter is that Trump is a shameless racist whose racism ticks all the boxes of the definition:

UNHR 1969 wrote:PART I

Article 1

1. In this Convention, the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.

Just because political opponents d isagree with you it does not mean that you should tell them to go back where they came from, otherwise people would tell Trump to go back to Scotland and to his wife to go back to Slovenia. And to most white American people to go back to Europe. If you ‘re going to normalise this sort of argument, get ready to be deported by a future non-white administration. If you were tild this kind of thing you would be screeching “racism” and being a victim over the rooftops.

“4-d chess”, what a joke, he is just appealing to his racist base while at the same time elevating these Congresswomen to the status of heroines. He has even managed to get Nancy Pelosi to defend them and rally around them further cementing the transformation of the Democratic Party. Imagine that. LoL.

Lastly, as I said much earlier:

noemon wrote:Telling someone to “shup up” is not racist at all just rude, but telling American citizens to “shut up” because “they are foreigners who should go back where they came from” is in fact the very definition of racism

No matter how many somersaults or misrepresentations you conduct to deny this very plain matter of fact you will only be confirming your own prejudices.
Can none of you imagine a scenario where you tell an immigrant mate (who may even be born in the country they’re bitching about) that is always complaining about the NHS or Medicaid or Medicare or whatever else have you, to go back to the motherland? Seriously? None of you can picture that kind of discussion where it isn’t racist, it isn’t discriminatory , it’s just a reminder of where they came from and why their relatives left to begin with? :hmm:
The US President telling American congresswomen to “go back where they came from” is normalising racism. It is dog whistling to ignore anything non-white people bring to the Congressional political conversation lest they be told that their views do not matter because they are of a different ethnic stock which is precisely the very definition of racism.

If Obama had said this to some white Republican, the same crowd here would be crying “racism” for years.
Pants-of-dog wrote:What are the merits of telling people of colour to go back where they came from?

And yes, it is obviously racist.

What are the merits of defining people by their skin colour? had he said that to a Norwegian would it bother you? Everyone - and I mean everyone - is "of colour".

Racism sucks and i hope yours goes away as you age.
noemon wrote:When @blackjack21 manages to show how Trump’s statements are not racially discriminating American congresswomen based on their ethnic-origin then perhaps he can be taken seriously, until then this is just a litmus test for all involved.

That's easy enough. The statements don't mention a race, an ethnicity, a specific country, or a specific person. You had to infer all of that yourself.

Donald Trump, Rosa Parks (who set off the Civil Rights Movement) and Muhamad Ali among others receiving the Ellis Island Award in 1989 for helping inner city black youths.
Trump and Kanye West.
Trump and Martin Luther King III.
President Trump and Don King.
Trump and Mike Tyson.
Herschel Walker: Trump Is a 'Great Man, Great President'
Trump has so many black and Jewish friends that it is absurd to call him a racist. Who is he racist against? Asians? If you are going to call someone a racist, you ought to be able to demonstrate some sort of act or behavior. Pushing for legislation to parole blacks unfairly sentenced to long prison sentences as a result of Clinton's crime bill is hardly the act of a racist.

What you don't seem to understand is that Trump is a known quantity for decades in America. You've known him probably all of three years, so you believe whatever claptrap the media feeds you. In the trade, they try to "define" the person, and that only works on an audience who has no idea who the subject being defined by the media really is as a person. Trump is widely known, and a "racist" is not something that fits Donald Trump for the people who've known him for the last 30+ years as a public figure.

noemon wrote:Just because political opponents disagree with you it does not mean that you should tell them to go back where they came from, otherwise people would tell Trump to go back to Scotland and to his wife to go back to Slovenia.

You think his critics don't say that?

noemon wrote:And to most white American people to go back to Europe.

Pants-of-dog says that here all the time. Is that news to you? Hell, SpecialOlympian suggests that whites should be exterminated, and you find it funny.

noemon wrote:The fact of the matter is that Trump is a shameless racist whose racism ticks all the boxes of the definition:

The fact of the matter is Trump criticized 4 congresswoman who are routinely making ethnic slurs about Israelis and American Jews and criticizing America. Congress was encouraged to censure them, and Pelosi decided not to do that. These 4 congresswomen also insinuated that Nancy Pelosi herself was a racist only last week. Your definition includes "distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference," where Trump has exhibited none of that in his actual behavior. Trump's surgeon general and HUD secretary are black; his son-in-law and advisor, Treasury Secretary, and numerous special advisers are Jewish. His friend Kanye West, an African America, was a driving force behind prison sentencing reform which Trump signed into law. The reality is Trump's actions are not those of a racist. His tweets are those of someone disdainful of political correctness and the establishment's holier-than-thou attitude.

Just because you subscribe to it doesn't mean that your claim that Trump is a racist isn't easily refuted.

Once again, Limbaugh said what I said above:
We’re Reliving Trump’s Ride Down the Escalator
Rush Limbaugh wrote:And, folks, I said on the air yesterday that I think one way to look at this is we are reliving that day in June when Trump came down the escalator and made his first comments about immigration and who the illegal immigrants are and what kind of problems they pose, and the reaction then was identical to what it is now.

We’re gonna have sound bites coming up later that will indicate to you that a bunch of Washington insiders do not think Donald Trump is smart enough to execute a strategy based on repeating that phenomenon. They don’t think Trump is smart enough to calculate any kind of a sophisticated political strategy. They think Donald Trump is just somebody that shoots from the hip and lets it land wherever it lands whether it’s on the wall or on the floor or in the toilet and he really doesn’t care, he just keeps firing.

The Washington elite, Republicans and Democrats both, still have not taken the time to try to figure Donald Trump out. They have created this caricature of him, and no matter what he does they plug him into that caricature. But in terms of policy, what’s really bugging them, Trump has used tariffs, forcing Mexico to send troops to its southern border to slow down the flow of illegals. I cannot impress upon you how much in the minds of Democrats the future of their party depends on open borders.

I've said for a long time a big part of the old guard establishment is that they are at least a full generation behind the times. They don't have computer programming skills. Hard cold logic isn't their bailiwick. What Trump is doing is pretty simple, but it is simple in the way Linux is simple. You just have to be a genius to get it, and a lot of people don't. It's really amazing to me that Trump is pulling this off again and like Charlie Brown and the football, the establishment is falling for it again.
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