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Since it's a foregone conclusion she is coming back.... Why can't they just decided to send her immediately? Why drag it on so much?

The anti-zionist Jews in Australia are reveling over this situation, the longer Israel takes to put her on a plane, the better it is for them to use in future.... "Israel refuses to send paedos back for swift Justice. See they're not protecting the Jewish people!" type thing.
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I've been keeping an eye on this situation lately. I use to go to school one suburb over from there. I've walked past that school. Melbourne's most famous Jewish area.

Israel should send her back. Why has this taken so long?
The segregated Adass Israel community in Melbourne fostered an environment for sexual abuse, where television is banned and the Internet is strictly controlled. I don't know why this is allowed in Australia in the first place. After the age of eight, Jewish boys and girls are kept entirely separate outside family homes and there is no sex education in schools. This is as bad as extremist Muslim schools known as Madrasas.

The Adass Israel community is isolated from the rest of Australian society, including the rest of the Jewish community. Television is banned, and the Internet is strictly controlled.

Swiatlo related that the pupils in her drama classes had no idea at all about sex or even the concept of romance.

Dassi says that the mere mention of an interaction between boys and girls in books permitted by the school were blacked out, even in novels as innocuous and innocent as Biggles and The Hardy Boys.

“The community’s plan is that we have no knowledge of sex or sexuality. We never heard about sex, we had no idea about sex,” says Dassi.

THIS TOTAL lack of knowledge had several consequences. First was that Dassi was not even sure that what was happening to her was wrong and abusive.

Dassi says that Leifer groomed her for sexual abuse between the ages of 15 and 16 through various forms of inappropriate touching. She says the actual alleged abuse started when she was 16 and took place in various locations, including in Leifer’s office at school on Sundays, at her home and at a community camp. ... ade-609843

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