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it's funny that they let that guy drive a train. you know everybody knew there was something off about him. :lol:
Been reading up on The Mercy and The Comfort. So it seems NY doctors are pissed The Comfort isn’t taking Corona patients. The Comfort has 20 patients on board and apparently there is a strict criteria for them to accept people ... e=Homepage

So where are all the other patients that would usually be flooding hospitals from day to day?
@Saeko I was taken aback when I first saw this photo. I didn’t know what to make of it.

The locomotive looks like a 1970’s vintage roadswitcher, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Possibly a GP40. But then it had a paint scheme like the 1950’s Santa Fe switcher diesel locomotive.

What is going on? :?:

With a little research it turns out the locomotive is a MP20GP, rebuild from a GP38. The road is a short line: the Pacific Harbour Line, which seems to have a thing about heritage LA railroad paint schemes. So now it all makes sense and order has been restored to the world. Phew!

I can rest easy now that the locomotive has been correctly identified. 8)
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Moreno , the perpetrator , is a Pentecostal .
Abundant Life Church of God in Torrance, California, tweeted a link to this story and wrote, “His family attends our church!” Abundant Life is affiliated with the Cleveland, Tennessee-based Church of God, a Pentecostal Christian denomination. Moreno’s Facebook profile does not reveal any information about his motive or political beliefs. So at least this time Muslims can't be blamed for this violent incident . But perhaps this man's particular , peculiar , Pentecostal Christian faith might have been a contributing factor . ,
it's too bad it didn't explode, it would have been better if it exploded.
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