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Random American wrote:No, I am. I just somehow missed it and found an older source that came up. But, hey, he got suspended. Hardly evidence of a grand conspiracy.

OK but can you still address the other points I raised that you said you were going to address?

The debate commission did their best to rig this year against Trump.
Wulfschilde wrote:Well, 3 out of 3 moderators this year were Democrats. Why not put a Republican into the mix?

Hey, I have no problem with a Republican moderating, as long as they were not a flaming MAGA person. I guess you can question their choice there.

If this is just a coincidence, why did the debate commission have to suspend the moderator of the second debate for anti-Trump tweets? Sounds kind of biased to me.

The fact that they suspended him indicates that they wanted to remain objective. He was in good standing so they brought his Twitter hacking story. It turned out to be false, so they suspended him indefinitely. Hardly a conspiracy and he probably posted it out of anger due to perceived attacks.

Third point, the third debate has traditionally been the foreign policy debate, for a very long time. They changed it this time because Trump will want to go on about Biden re: China and Ukraine. Is it because they didn't have a second debate? If that was the case, they could have made foreign policy a part of the debate and not the whole thing but from what I read, they've cut the topic completely, which appears to be designed to shield Biden.

The Ukraine thing has been milked to the brim and it really isn't as much there as you think there is. Regardless, Trump was able to talk about it this debate. Plus, the pandemic and other issues takes precedence, so I think there might be a valid reason there. It's not like Trump cannot get that message out.

Fourth point, we've also seen bias in previous debate years, such as when the moderator gave Barack Obama some of Mitt Romney's time, as if he isn't equipped with a thing that tells him when someone's time is up.

Maybe that was a biased moderator. Regardless, Obama's presidency is years in the past. There is no evidence that will transfer over into an anti-Trump conspiracy. For that to matter, there would have to be a cabal of conspirators rigging the debates, and I have my doubts about that. It's much more likely that moderator had a bias that slipped through.


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