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Pants-of-dog wrote:@Oxymoron

You seem emotional.

If I have accidentally offended you, please let moderators know so that they can look over the thread and see how I was rude. I am sure they would be more than happy to give me a warning or a card as the situation merits.

You cannot offend me, I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one.
Started to become an interesting read these last several posts.


I disagree with Oxy insofar that there are gay/tranny Muslims. Not obeying one tenet of Islam doesn't disqualify you. It'd be like saying that any woman who is even remotely modernized cannot be Muslim because the Quran pretty much states that women fall somewhere between cockroaches and dog shit in the pecking order.

It's the same way with Christianity. How many self-proclaimed Christians will have a Whopper with cheese this coming Friday? That's a hell-worthy trespass. Lord known I've been guilty of fornication...let's just modestly say a few times.

Very modestly.

However, there is surely a whole lot of "acceptance" for alternative lifestyles in America, mainly because not appeasing that crowd at every turn will get you a label faster than you can say "snap decision". I don't think there's any phobia or intolerance associated with not greasing every LGBTQIAROFLWTFBBQLMAO squeak with all the grease you can find.

It's the same reason why Trump losing the election suddenly caused all the rioting to go away. It's not because Biden is healing the country. It's because the media and Democrats gave power to America's lowest common denominator, and the mob used that power to influence. Conservatives don't see the virtue in throwing tantrums when they don't get their way - at least not to that extent.
I really don't understand why it is always 'Muslims' that is the headline. Do you think the situation becomes completely different if it was an Iraqi Christian or an Iraqi Muslim? (Sweden has taken in significant amounts of both after the 'Fall of Saddam' or *How I opened Pandora's box and thought it was a good idea at the time*).

Public discourse in regards to immigration in Sweden over the past two decades have completely shifted at a core-level (and I'm in no way believing in the fantasy land of "pre-90s Sweden" being the perfect Shangri La of a society/culture). Every negative aspect is now being highlighted, Twitter/Facebook have contributed to an avalanche of criticism against everything in society. From the government and its political parties, to the media and a "åsiktskorridor"-culture dictating opinions. Our recent spat of significantly worse handling of the Covid-crises in comparison to our geographical neighbours has not helped (and everyone being home and on-line I guess).

This is the same story as it always was. The more things changes, the more they stay the same.

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