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GandalfTheGrey wrote:well he's still there...

Yeah but the writings on the wall. They have three weeks to topple him.

The only thing that could save him is the country's current national emergency (entirely created by the IDF and Israeli Police by the way, that was disgusting them firing tear gas into the Mosque).
Unthinking Majority wrote:Maybe Netanyahu fired rockets from Gaza to created a fake crisis to stay elected bahaha.

Nah.... He probably just sent the Israeli police to fire a few canisters of tear gas into Al Aqsa and beat a few people up during Ramadan, and let Hamas do the rest of the work duking it out with the Third Temple nationalist nuts, while the Iron Dome gets another week of testing. Let them fight each other.

That's what I'd do if I was corrupt.

Not saying he did do that(I'm joking Noemon, don't take it seriously!), but he did lie about the WMDs back in the day.
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