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Belarus sanctions: Time to target Moscow ulus (empire) ?
"Kremlin-connected oligarchs and companies, meanwhile, are seeking to snap up the crown jewels of the Belarusian economy. Russian potash giant Uralkali is reportedly intensifying its long-term campaign to acquire Belarusian potash producer Belaruskali. The Russian chemical producer Uralkhem is said to have its eye on the chemical and fertilizer factory Hrodna Azot.

And as economic integration accelerates, Russia is also expanding its military footprint in Belarus, using a constant stream of exercises to establish a de facto troop presence. Meanwhile, Miensk and Moscow have agreed to establish a “joint training facility” in Belarus’s Hrodna region, near the Polish border....
Western policy towards Belarus, including Western sanctions policy, must thread a very difficult needle. On one hand, it needs to punish Lukashenka and his cronies for their abysmal human rights violations and incentivize the regime to change its behavior. At the same time, Western policy also needs to aim at preserving Belarusian sovereignty and preventing Russia from exploiting the crisis to de facto annex its smaller, but strategically vital, Western neighbor." ... et-russia/

great job atlanticcouncil, the best Belarus sanctions are sanctions on Moscow ! Belarusian crisis is a showcase of moscow predatory , colonial behavior
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