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Much gratitude and appreciation France:

Xiaofei Xu and Lorraine Poupon of CNN wrote:New Yorkers have a surprise gift to look forward to for this Independence Day: a second Statue of Liberty sent by France. This new bronze statue, nicknamed the "little sister," is one-sixteenth the size of the world-famous one that stands on Liberty Island. On Monday, during a special ceremony, the smaller sibling was lifted and loaded into a special container at the National Museum of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in central Paris, where it has been installed since 2011 in the museum's garden. It will be erected on Ellis Island, just across the water from the original, from July 1 to July 5.

The statue, over 450 kilograms (992 pounds) in weight and just shy of 10 feet tall, was first made in 2009. It is an exact replica of the original 1878 plaster model preserved by CNAM.

"The statue symbolizes freedom and the light around all the world," said Olivier Faron, general administrator of the CNAM. "We want to send a very simple message: Our friendship with the United States is very important, particularly at this moment. We have to conserve and defend our friendship." ... index.html
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By Juin
QatzelOk wrote:Importantly, France has not offered a statue of Liberty (or any liberty at all) to its many African colonies.

So this is a colonialist-to-colonialist "liberty" lend. Like when vampires share a victim's vein.

Did you mean ex colonies :lol: ? Oh no, they said France went out through the front door and came back in through the back door.

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