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A Saskatchewan First Nation says it has made the “horrific and shocking discovery” of hundreds of unmarked graves — many believed to be children — near a former residential school, with a total expected to be over three times higher than the 215 discovered recently in Kamloops, B.C., according to a source briefed on the file. ... ial-school

Damn Canada. Actual proof of a genocide. Let's see the uproar.
This has been all over the media, and social media, for a few weeks now. There is a huge uproar in Canada.

Canada mourns as remains of 215 children found at indigenous school
29 May

The discovery was announced on Thursday by the chief of the Tk'emlups te Secwepemc First Nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was a "painful reminder" of a "shameful chapter of our country's history".

The First Nation is working with museum specialists and the coroner's office to establish the causes and timings of the deaths, which are not currently known.

Rosanne Casimir, the chief of the community in British Columbia's city of Kamloops, said the preliminary finding represented an unthinkable loss that was never documented by the school's administrators.

Canada's residential schools were compulsory boarding schools run by the government and religious authorities during the 19th and 20th Centuries with the aim of forcibly assimilating indigenous youth.

They are looking more into it and finding even more genocidal things. Indigenous people have not been treated kindly, in our Canadian history.
Godstud wrote:This has been all over the media, and social media, for a few weeks now. There is a huge uproar in Canada.

This is another one, @Godstud. Wonder how many more there are, waiting to be discovered....
More than 750 unmarked graves have been found near a former Catholic residential school for First Nation children in western Canada, a tribal leader said on Thursday – the second such shock discovery in less than a month. ... ked-graves

Those kids must have had a dire mortality rate. When you get an answer wrong and the teacher strangles you, bad day.
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