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Chanting "freedom" and calling for President Miguel Diaz-Canel to step down, thousands of Cubans joined street protests from Havana to Santiago on Sunday in the biggest anti-government demonstrations on the Communist-run island in decades.

"In Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez called an impromptu press conference to say this is the moment for an international intervention led by the United States to help the Cuban people achieve democracy and prevent “a blood bath” on the island." ... 2021-07-11

Not even a few days out of Afghanistan, Haiti and Cuba already on the chopping block? :lol:
Igor Antunov wrote:

Not even a few days out of Afghanistan, Haiti and Cuba already on the chopping block? :lol:

Covid pandemic is the cause of instability in the world and that is relevant to any country right now with no exception of it being communist, capitalist, autocratic, democratic, tribal, feudal and so on.

This is just an extension of that.
libertasbella wrote:I hate communism, but I would not sacrifice my life to install a new government in Cuba. I wish all the Cubans the very best of luck.

They don't really bother anybody so why should anyone care? Communism is no longer a geopolitical/economic threat to the USA or West anyways.

I like Cuba more than a lot of Latin American countries.
Rancid wrote:CUBA LIBRE!!

Fracis is a jackass, and he's a mayor, not a head of state. Not even a governor. It's an appeal to the Right wing cuban population for re-election. I believe he wants to run for President as well.

Yeah if you're a Cuban living in Florida you're probably not the biggest fan of the Cuban gov.

The President also denounced U.S. efforts to discredit Cuban medical brigades, since this medical collaboration, beyond the many instances of solidarity provided, also generates foreign currency income.

All this, he said, is causing shortages in the country: "Shortages of food, of medicines, raw materials and inputs needed by our economic and productive processes, which contribute both exports and supplies for the people; therefore here two important elements are cut off: the capacity to export and to acquire foreign currency to import and invest, and the capacity of the productive processes to be produce a full range of goods and services for our population." ... e-all-else

He denounced the assertion that a dictatorship exists in Cuba, "A dictatorship that is concerned about providing healthcare for its entire population, that seeks welfare for all, that in the midst of this situation is capable of conducting public policies, aspiring to vaccination with a Cuban vaccine, because we knew that no one was going to sell us any, since we don’t have the money to buy them," he said.

"What a strange dictatorship," he exclaimed. Now they are shouting that we are murderers. Where are the murder victims in Cuba, where are the missing persons in Cuba? Other countries that have suffered these pandemic peaks were not attacked in the press and they were not offered humanitarian intervention as a solution, nor were they subjected to these slander campaigns as we are, Díaz-Canel emphasized. ... e-all-else

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