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You didn't read everything I wrote, @Fasces. If you're going to say stupid things, at least read what I said. My views have not changed significantly, and I still believe in the same things.

I have never supported children being drugged/mutilated, exposed to sexual politics, etc. Some of the views I have changed were because I was somewhat on the fence about them, and exposed to new evidence, I changed accordingly.
Fasces wrote:your own positions have clearly changed on several issues, taking a significant rightward shift.

Godstud, 15 minutes ago wrote:My views haven't changed.

Godstud, 5 minutes ago wrote:My views have not changed significantly, and I still believe in the same things.

Godstud, 4 minutes 30 seconds ago wrote:exposed to new evidence, I changed accordingly
The argument has now morphed into accusing woke people of being responsible for everyone who disagrees with them.

And if anyone wants to read posts by @Godstud where he defends trans rights and how they are not grooming kids, his posts are easy to search. Like:
@Pants-of-dog You take things out of context because you're an ideologue. I have not changed any more than most people do over a period of years. I have not, however, flip-flopped on any major issues.

My views have not gone from left to right. On the things that have changed, I was already borderline, or on the fence about. I explained that, already. Reading comprehension isn't your forte.

What I posted has nothing to do with children transitioning not does it support the lies you peddle. Strawman. You've abandoned your senses along with reason.
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God knows my post history and ideology significantly changes (just look at my username!), so whatever - but I don't sit there and pretend the world shifted around me or that its other peoples' fault my thinking changed.

My man, you're arguing that racism in the US is dead in some MLK thread elsewhere. :lol: You've shifted a lot of your views to the right, not just on trans things.
@Fasces What I have said is that racism is the exception, in the USA. It is effectively dead, if you compare it to when MLK was talking about freedom. Black people are NOT prevented from doing anything. They have all the same rights and freedoms. This is fact.

BLM made sense. It pointed out some racism in policing. I did not support rioting or criminal behavior in the name of protest. I also did not support "Defund the police", which I saw more as some police reforms needed for better training.

Context is important unless you feel a need to push your agenda.
@Godstud cited this article in another thread:

https://www.mic.com/articles/109652/bei ... -all-along

    Science Just Proved That Being Transgender Is Not a Phase

    Our culture is undeniably uneducated about transgender individuals. At worst, this ignorance results in violent hate crimes and murders. In its most benevolent form, transgenderism is viewed as a "phase" or transgender individuals are regarded as "confused." A new study, however, pushes back on these misconceptions by finding that transgender children identify with their gender identity as consistently as their cisgender peers.

    "Our study addressed concerns we often hear the lay public and even scientific audiences express: concerns that transgender children are pretending or being difficult or that they don't 'really' believe they are a boy (or girl)," lead researcher and University of Washington psychology professor Kristina Olson told Mic. "We wanted to know what happened if we used measures other than traditional self-report measures — would these stereotypes be upheld?"

    The study, which will run in Psychological Science, recruited pre-pubescent transgender-identifying children who were age-matched with their cisgender siblings, as well as another group of cisgender children. The trans and cisgender children's gender identities were determined through measures of gender development such as the Implicit Association Test, which is a device developed to scientifically explore "the unconscious roots of thinking and feeling," according to its website. Olson and her team decided to use such measures because "implicit gender identity and a strong implicit preference for their own gender" is evident in other children at this age and, hopefully, the same measures could be used to assess identity and preferences in transgender kids as well.

    The study's findings support what trans advocates have been saying for years: Being transgender is not a phase or a choice, but a consistent gender identity. The study indicated that transgender children's responses were indistinguishable from the two groups of cisgender children, suggesting that trans and cisgender children identify with their gender in the same consistent ways.

    …article continues….

The original citation by our esteemed forum member can be found here:
Godstud wrote:I am right-wing? It just appears that way when you consider how fucked up the Left has become in the last 5 years.

DeSantis and American cultural conservatism is insane though. Apparently the shift the left is needed.

He spoke about his track record as governor, garnering applause and cheers for signing laws from a six-week abortion ban, reinstating the death penalty for sexual battery of children and banning vaccine work requirements.

He received multiple standing ovations for talking about his fight to “protect children’s innocence.” DeSantis signed into law educational changes including banning removing “adult” materials and limiting discussion of LGBTQ+ issues and “critical race theory.” He talked about his fight against Disney in recent months over their opposition to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

“People told me … If Disney weighs in, they’re the 800-pound gorilla, you better watch out, they’re going to steamroll you,” DeSantis said. “Well, here I stand.”

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds introduced DeSantis, saying that she took Iowa being called “the Florida of the North” as a compliment. Reynolds has signed many similar measures into law in Iowa this year that DeSantis touted in his speech, such as a law banning books with written and visual depictions of sex acts from school libraries, and a ban on gender-affirming care such as hormone replacement therapy and puberty blockers for minors.

DeSantis said he disagreed with critics categorizing these laws as book bans, saying that opponents were proliferating a hoax by calling the act of taking “hardcore pornography” out of schools a book ban. Many of the books brought up as inappropriate by parents during the Iowa legislative session were narratives about LGBT people and people of color. A Florida principal resigned after sixth-grade students were shown a picture of Michelangelo’s David, after parents criticized the school for exposing their children to pornography.

https://missouriindependent.com/2023/05 ... n-kickoff/

Dumb as fuck.
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Answering insanity with insanity I would say.

The Michelangelo's David statue case is interesting because it shows both extremes of the spectrum are willing to cancel Classical/Renaissance art, literature or thought they find to be "inappropriate" for whatever reason (nudity, racism, misogyny, whatever). In that regard, they're not so different from each other after all.
wat0n wrote:Answering insanity with insanity I would say.

The Michelangelo's David statue case is interesting because it shows both extremes of the spectrum are willing to cancel Classical/Renaissance art, literature or thought they find to be "inappropriate" for whatever reason (nudity, racism, misogyny, whatever). In that regard, they're not so different from each other after all.

As always, The Simpsons saw this one coming….

You can’t make this shit up. Well, actually you can make it up, and then it comes true. :lol:
Godstud wrote:BLM made sense. It pointed out some racism in policing.

BLM made sense to most people because most people lack a proper grounding in basic statistics, in the Normal and related probability distributions. So take a (statistical) population like the Jews that have a positive attribute, a tendency to higher IQ. They have significant but still modest IQ advantage. But then look at the world chess champions, as of 2018, 6 of the 18 were of Jewish decent. If we follow BLM's logic then we must presume that there is massive racist discrimination going on in the Chess world positively discriminating in favour of Jews.

Of course this is not the case, and what we are seeing is the dramatic effect that modest changes in the mean can have on the tails of the distribution. It works the same for a negative characteristic. The so called Black population of the United States has a higher level of criminality and violence than the population as a whole. Therefore we should expect a much higher level of extreme behavior that provokes the extreme responses from the police, such as the Rodney King incident. To point this out is not to condone this form of populist justice. To point this out does not mean I would want to live in a jurisdiction where the police felt at liberty to engage in these practices. It is simply stating that no evidence of unequal racist treatment has been proved.

The evidence may well point to racial inequity, but then the existence of high levels of racial inequity in the United States is something we already knew.
@late :lol: You're a fool if you think having a single stance that doesn't align to your views makes someone right wing, and your enemy. That's exactly what ideologues like to do. We'll agree on 100 things but one single thing and we're enemies? That's about as toxic Woke as you can get. Good luck with your delusions.

Maybe social change at the expense of children's innocence and lives isn't a good thing. Have you considered that?
Fasces wrote:Who's trying to 'cancel' Renaissance art? :eh:

Some Florida parents got butthurt about a teacher showing Michelangelo's David statue featuring a peepee and got the school's principal to quit.

On the other hand, there has been a push against ancient Greek and Roman literature like The Odissey among a segment of American progressives. There have been some threads about that, e.g. this one. This seems to be an American or at most an Anglo thing by the way (also goes for @Rugoz).

But don't fret, it may be perfectly expanding to the West in general :)

Potemkin wrote:As always, The Simpsons saw this one coming….

You can’t make this shit up. Well, actually you can make it up, and then it comes true. :lol:

Yet another prediction The Simpsons got right :|
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