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do you have any contacts in MSM? we´d send it to our leading mass - media ? This is the biggest development since Kyiv battle , Nazi GRU officer Utkin (Muscovite Otto Skorzeny ) with his 30 000 GRU Wagner vs Chechen Muslim War Lord Kadyrov with his 30 000 (?) . Sounds more and more like 1917 )

The Grey Zone channel run by a Wagner member/veteran talks about the role of Chechen units in the war. He says members of the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade said Chechen units rarely took part in assaults in Mariupol and when they did chose easier targets.

Moscow horde´s war record :-
1856 defeated by Britain and France
1905 defeated by Japan
1917 defeated by Germany
1920 defeated by Poland, Finland, Estonia and all Baltic states
1939 defeated by Finland
1969 defeated by China
1989 defeated by Afghanistan
1989 defeated in the Cold War.
1996 defeated by Chechnya
2022 defeated by Ukraine
WW2 won USA/Britain , meanwhile Stalin's officers were shot or sent to the Gulags. Millions went to the Gulags, including Solzhenitsyn
Moscow's only victories come from invading smaller countries :-
a) Hungary 1956
b) Czechoslovakia 1968
c) Moldova 1992
d) Georgia 2008

Kadyrov spoke harshly again regarding Prigozhin on his Telegram channel. Below is a translation of Kadyrov's post.

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