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Is this amount enough to bankrupt the dude Trump man orange tan man or not? You got three hundred something million from the other case and then eighty three million plus with this case....How much liquid cash does the Trump pendejo have on hand to bail his cheap ass out? Will he beg for funds from his supporters? If you got an email from Trump asking for money, would you be paying out the money to help him? Donating $25 bucks or more? :lol: :lol: He can dupe those supporters. Send in one for my political campaign and another check to bail my ass out of lawsuits. Lol. I have my doubts that he will pay. He likes stiffing people with legal bills. Haha.

I have to assume his lawyers insisted on being paid up front. I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to let themselves get into a situation where Trump ends up owing them money.

That said, I'm sure he can stall the payoff with appeals until after he's dead.

In the US justice system, he'd have to post a bond upfront to cover costs, damages, and interest before they let him launch an appeal.

This helps protect the court from frivolous appeals or delaying tactics to avoid payment.

I expect that's why Giuliani declared bankruptcy after he was ordered to pay $148 million to the Georgia election workers he defamed. He couldn't pay the bond needed to appeal the judgment, and as a last throw of the dice, there was always an outside chance that the bankruptcy court would excuse his debt to Moss and Freeman.

All of this is politically irrelevant to what matters most to the masses in this world: winning.

This has nothing to do with psychopathy or immorality but with tribal or faux tribal voting patterns

Some 35% of American voters are GOP Trumpist cultists. Another 35% are of the Liberal collective hive mind. Perhaps 30% are independent voters/non voters, and these tend to be social conservative but economic liberal.

Those last will vote for Trump because while they think Trump is immoral they slightly prefer him over the horror show that is the Biden administration. Anyone else becomes the democratic nominee, Trump would be done for, what with two thirds of the American people disliking him. But Biden is the candidate because nobody else is acceptable enough to the democratic coalition to be nominated for President.

So Trump will become President again, barring a major development against him.
This is yet another story that shows the power of media control. By controlling mass media AND having an army of Jeffrey Epsteins, the Mafia can seed our entire political class with "sexual escapades on film" and then use extortion to ensure that our politicians vote for stupid policies like war against Russia and genocide against Palestine.

Also, with sexual extortion, the CIA and other dark agencies can completely destroy any democracy that is still remaining.

The extortion behind all these MeToo's is much more important than "improving the sexual mores of men." But it is the latter that is emphasized in Mafia Media (I wonder why).
ingliz wrote:$454m in penalties and interest, and the interest will keep accruing by at least $112,000 per day.

If that happens then if he becomes prez he can die in office and never pay at all and place his properties in his kids names.

Lol. That man is such a sleazeball. He reminds me of a lawyer my husband had for a lawsuit for false arrest, and discrimination. Lol. Such an incompetent asshole and he was disbarred but ordered to pay all of his affected clients damages by the courts. To avoid paying he put all his assets and bank accounts in his daughter's name and declared bankruptcy.

All that asshole lawyer had to do was file ONE PAPER wanting a motion to get a trial. He had an entire year to file ONE PAPER. But since he was having sex with his secretary behind his wife's back and she got mad because he refused to marry her....she took all his appointments and dates and destroyed them all. He was shit without his organized legal secretary who did all his work for him and he screwed up all his cases. Instead of owning up to his irresponsible shit choices, he preferred to dodge the bullet and get disbarred and take early retirement and place all his money in his daughter's name.

ASSHOLE. They had offered my husband $65,000 initially in damages for defamation, and false arrest, and being racist and outright lying to the cops about their lying statements. The other lawyers who would have taken the case had my husband not picked that ASSHOLE lawyer, said he would have been able to get at least $150,000 for what they did to him.

I hate those lying lawyers in the USA.
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