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The first half of the interview was Putin's monologue that was mostly about Russian history. However, Vladimir Putin stated, "I have no interest in Poland or Latvia,'' and denied any intention to expand the invasion of NATO countries. Russia reiterated its readiness to negotiate a ceasefire in Ukraine and urged the US to put pressure on Zelensky's government, which has banned negotiations with Russia. Putin further said that in order to achieve a ceasefire, the United States would need to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, saying, "Then the hostilities will end in a few weeks.''

I was expecting tough questions like these but Carlson had no time to squeeze them into the two-hour interview.


TUCKER: Do you see the United States as an enemy?

PUTIN: No. Categorically no. We were allies in WWII. Russians helped settle Alaska, California and we were in Hawaii too. Our people are not enemies but those in DC are certainly not our friends.

Elon Musk:

TUCKER: A lot has changed in the world. What’s your opinion of Elon Musk?

PUTIN: We see Mr. Musk as a businessman – a highly successful one. He’s built a great fortune and a huge following. He’s a unique thinker with a force of personality who cannot be bought. Some fear that.

TUCKER: Do you any advice for Elon?

PUTIN: I would say continue on. Do not be intimidated. But if the going ever gets too rough there is Russia. We would gladly open our doors to you. We have welcomed American businessmen before and would value someone of Mr. Musk’s caliber.
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Ill repost the things that I posted in Ukraine thread:

Oh lol, I wanted to post that Putin will be a clown and interview is shit idea for Tucker boy but oh boy was that an understatement.

I knew Putin will rant but at least I thought that it will be cut out and edited but apparently nobody can say bad stuff to Putin anymore so all his usual internal Russia stuff is there. Most people in the West, even far right, would consider Putin now as a loonie and shit on Carlson for not really asking anything or guiding Putin.

What a PR fuck up :lol: But no wonder, Putin is notoriously bad as a debate speaker because he never participated in debates and only goes to cherry picked interviews. Never had political opposition also since they all in jail. Never had to actually participate in the democratic public process so even a friendly guy for him like Tucker makes him go off script in to rambling.
late wrote:Huh, I might have to watch that.

I mean Tucker tried but if you are dealing with a clinically insane dictator by now who never gets no as an answer nor recieve any negative feedback so we get:



JohnRawls, Beren & Rugoz are having a proper meltdown.

Says more about them than it does for Putin.

It seems those who hate him have nothing substantial to say to address his arguments.

Sample comments in the real world:

6 minutes ago
Now we are eagerly waiting for a Russian journalist coming to USA and interviewing Biden for two hours.

46 seconds ago
Slobber, spit, mumble, fall over, interview done

15 minutes ago
Hilarious how YouTube refuses to put this video on the trending tab, it’s getting the most views rn yet YT will not even think of promoting it. Tells you everything you need to know

11 minutes ago
The world is indeed changing! Interesting interview. Greetings from Saudi Arabia


5 minutes ago
Love from the UK, thanks to both TC and VP

17 hours ago
Next I would like to see US president Biden being interviewed by Russians for 2hrs.

12 minutes ago
Watching from Morocco. Thanks Tucker. May god bless all the world with peace.

18 minutes ago
Watching from Germany. Very interesting interview !!

9 minutes ago
The Russian to English translator did an Outstanding Job! The clarity & the voice tone! Wow!

5 minutes ago
Canada. Thank you Mr. Tucker. God bless you.

6 minutes ago
Seems this interview united the world

1 hour ago
I bet Sean Hannity regrets selling out to Fox because this could have been him on the cutting edge of journalism's revolutionary right to cross borders!


15 minutes ago

10 minutes ago
Thank you - from the bottom of my heart!

3 minutes ago
Watching from the UK... superb

11 minutes ago
Just a guy from Utah here. We want just want peace. Stop the fighting and unnecessary suffering of all people. We need to work together and make the world a better place for all of us.

14 minutes ago
thank you Carlson from USA

13 minutes ago
The world should watch this video! Biggest respect to President Putin! Long live Russia! Greetings from the Philippines!!!

16 minutes ago
Watching from Singapore. Thank you Tucker

8 minutes ago
From france, bravo Tucker, great interview.

16 minutes ago
Greets from Poland...

10 minutes ago
Thanks from Spain. Great job mr. Tucker.

17 minutes ago

11 hours ago
2 million views in 6 hrs!!! Checked the trending tab and it’s not even listed. Completely absurd

15 minutes ago
Watching from Bulgaria! Good job mister Tucker

9 minutes ago
Thank you for finally making our voice heard and not ignored. We all hope that peace will come as soon as possible.
I'm from Russia

6 minutes ago (edited)
Watching from Turkey Thank you, Mr. Carlson!

15 hours ago
This is not CNN, this is Tucker Carson Network!


6 minutes ago
Watching from switzerland. GJ Tucker Carlson!

10 minutes ago
Watching from Canada !
Great interview Tucker !

11 minutes ago
Like those who are worried about Tucker's safety after the interview and wish him all the best!

12 minutes ago
Appreciate this Tucker. We needed to hear this! (Americans)

5 minutes ago
Watching from South Africa!

15 minutes ago
Watching from my Mom's basement. TY, Tucker!

5 hours ago
This translator deserves an award!

7 minutes ago
Good job Tucker Watching from Czech

13 minutes ago
Watching from ANGOLA Great job Tucker

5 minutes ago
Massive Kudos To Tucker

13 hours ago
Biden giving history of America: “C’mon man…. That thing… you know the drill…”

9 minutes ago
Watching from Brazil.
Thank you for that awesome interview!
Our local fake media didn´t mention any thing about that!

15 minutes ago
Wow smart, intelligence and honesty on display… This interview was much needed for we Americans… And most of all thanks Tucker

9 minutes ago
Hello from Russia Good interview

9 minutes ago
Watching from thank you Tucker for this informative interview. It clarified a lot of my misconceptions.

God forbid anybody gets a whiff that it is not Putin who is uncompromising and closed to dialogue but the warmongers whose narrative they pedddle.

Now Trump is coming soon too, what are they going to do. They might have to negotiate and reach consensus with Russia.

Even the historical journey that Putin elaborated on is not Russian nationalism either.
noemon wrote:JohnRawls, Beren & Rugoz are having a proper meltdown.

I'd actually encourage anyone (@late, for example) to watch it through and then point out the interesting parts if there's any because I just lack the endurance and curiosity to do it myself.
noemon wrote:JohnRawls, Beren & Rugoz are having a proper meltdown.

Says more about them than it does for Putin.

It seems those who hate him have nothing substantial to say to address his arguments.

With "jerk" I meant Tucker Carlson.

Putin should simply be executed. No need to use adjectives.
Beren wrote:I'd actually encourage anyone (@late, for example) to watch it through and then point out the interesting parts if there's any because I just lack the endurance and curiosity to do it myself.

I watched all through it and could not find a single point that I could fault him, neither historical, nor nationalist, nor about the war in Ukraine, nor about the discussions he had with Bush Sn, Jr, Clinton and the CIA talks.

Nor about Zelensky whom he treats with great respect as he does with all the US presidents and the CIA, where he says "they are just doing their job and a good one at that, our intelligence services respect them, they are worthy opponents, we have wanted to move on and join NATO as we put to several US Presidents for over 2-3 decades now, they decided to keep us on the outside and impose pressure pressure pressure, they have tried to break us apart, fund separatists and even take our naval base away from us, now they realise, they might have to compromise with us, we are here just like we were in Minsk just like we were in Istanbul". He exposed Germany, France and Poland who are guarantors of Minsk for failing to both guarantee it but also to denounce Ukraine for spitting on it.

Even when he talks about China when Tucker asks him whether he fears Chinese overlordship, his reply was perfect. He said that "there are always issues when a country becomes too powerful enabling it to impose conditions to its partners, well China is the most powerful economy in the world in PPP, however their dogma is not agressive as the US dogma is and all these relationships require a fine equilibrium and balance, we are confident that we can achieve good outcomes with our Chinese partners despite our disparity."
Rugoz wrote:It's better to have a vegetable or an orange buffoon in power than a competent tyrant.

This has been debatable since Plato's Republic and we are not going to resolve this off-topic matter in this unrelated thread.

Attack his views on the matters of the interview at hand, not the person with ad-homs.
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