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"Fascism is a Religion" -- Benito Mussolini

Mussolini created Fascism as a Religion that did not contradict any Doctrines of any Monotheistic or Polytheistic faith, so that Fascism could be a religion as well as a form of government, without any other Dogmas than "Supernatural entities exist, the dead go on living as supernatural beings that can influence us. Do not neglect to have a relationship with them or God". No further Dogmas in the Religion of Fascism.

The other Fascist article of faith is that the Fascist state is a living entity with a mind, heart, and will of her own, and she will keep resurrecting. This is an article of faith that is optional to believe however. A Fascist has the option of believing in any text or creed.

Atheism and agnosticism are the only beliefs the Religion of Fascism forbids, as the Religion of Fascism was instituted to be the scourge of militant Atheist, Communist, Marxist, Bolshivek errors that the enemies of Mussolini were promoting to efface God from the hearts of men, at the time of the greatest persecution of Religion in world history.

Mussolini was inspired by supernatural entities when he would hold seances to summon spirits who inspired him to declare "Fascism is a Religion" and introduce this brilliant Religion to the world as an ingenious faith which people won't divide over.

He rose from prayer and his chair of contemplation with inspiration, for he discovered a new force that could bind all Religions into one, strong, united, unbreakable Fasces to combat atheism, secularism, and agnosticism.

Mussolini needed all Religions to come together, not argue, unite on common ground, come together in unity to fight a common far greater enemy (militant aggressive secularism) and red revolutions sweeping throughout the world.

The Duce was careful to make sure the Religion permitted it's people to embrace Doctrines, rituals, folklore, and Scriptures as they please, but not require it, and strongly stress the importance of each person respecting what another person chooses to believe or hold sacred, unless the belief is atheist or agnostic. He could have given this Religion any name, but chose the same name as his government, because he was trying to bring all Religions together like a Fasces, uniting them against atheism.

You can't have denominations over Fascist Dogma, because there isn't conflicting interpretations, or any such thing as "heresy" in the Fascist faith.

The Fascist Religion is nothing like the Fascist government. Fascist government was far-right where you can be as far to the left as a politician can go and adhere to Fascist Theology and approach to the supernatural world.

The Duce needed religious unity for Fascist Utopia and an anti-bolshivek defense initiative force.

Unfortunately, the Duce was too absorbed in politics, so not many people actually know about the Fascist Religion or how to explore a Religion where you are free to believe anything other than atheism, but are only required to believe , "we go on living after death as more perfected beings, and supernatural entities exist and influence us."

Other Dogmas are discouraged on account of their tendancies to divide, cause arguments, be a source of pride, and distract you from relationship with Celestial beings or souls in a state of purification and perfection. Scripture is permitted but not required, with a stern warning that Scripture divides people, confuses them, and causes fighting.

It's a shame Fascism became such an ugly curse word, because Mussolini actually was on to something. People kill each other over different interpretations of Scripture, heretics were burned at the stake for embracing other Doctrines, Hindu monuments were destroyed as being satanic idols, Sunni and Shiites kill each other over who inherited power after the death of Muhammad.

This really makes a laughingstaulk of Religion only it's hard to know whether to laugh at something so nauseating. Fascism in it's Religious manifestation and form would solve those problems.

As far as theology is concerned, if every Theologian were Fascist in their faith, all Religions would be respected, people would pray more and argue less, preach and proselytize less.

People would have more time for relationship with their higher power and less time burned up studying, arguing, and worrying whether beliefs are all sound. People would follow their conscience and heart above an ancient text that sanctions killing people for offenses as small as working on the wrong day of the week.

We should consider that Fascism as a religion is possibly as harmless and non-threatening as a religion like Buddhism. In other words, it's about as harmless and non-threatening as Religion can get, and could be key to religious unity, were enough people propogating it.

In view of this, I ask for your leniency and consider how harmless this Religion and mysticism is.

God bless!
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