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WHat's the end game for the Democrats and their impeachment proceedings?

1. The Democrats truly believe that they will be successful in having Donald Trump removed from office
2. The Democrats know Donald Trump won't be removed from office, but they can't imagine not investigating Trump for SOMETHING
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3. The Democrats are more interested in political grandstanding and making their constituents think they're actually working
4. The Democrats simply can't seem to stop pissing away time and money on what they know is destined to be a failure
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By BigSteve
Despite the Democrats intending to follow through on their desired impeachment of President Trump (despite the cowardly tactic of not putting it up to a vote on the House floor), what's the end game?

Anyone who has an IQ which exceeds their shoe size understands the Senate will never convict.

So what's the point? Of course, the Democrats say Trump should be removed from office, but they know it's not going to happen.

So what's the point? What's the point of wasting all of this time and money on something which they know is never going to happen?

Do they truly believe they will successfully have Trump removed? Are they just grandstanding? What's the point??
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By Hong Wu
It's about Biden and the IG report. That should be a poll option!

Also, odds seem fair that the candidate the whistle-blower had a professional relationship with was Biden. Just ask yourself, how many of them have CIA agents working for them? Most of them probably don't have access to that level.

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