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Should Scotland be an Independant Nation?

Yes, Scotland should become a wholly Independant nation.
Scotland should be allowed to devolve further, gaining more home control.
No, Scotland should remain in the same status as it is right now, as a part of the UK.
Scotland has too much autonomy from Westminster already.
Other (please elaborate)
Just so I can get a taste of the opinions of the forum users here in regards to a topic which I hold dear. Personally I am a Celtic Nationalist, and more specifically a Scottish Nationalist. I personally think that if Scotland and the Scottish people rekindled national pride, got our act together as a people, overcome political and social pessimism, came up with a planned economy; I honestly think independance is the best option for Scotland, on both practical and nationalistic grounds. It will be interesting for me to hear your opinions.
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By Fasces
Morally yes; realistically, if they can manage to find enough revenue to not be relegated to "third world European" status, like Slovakia and the like.
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By Nets
Scotland has too much autonomy from Westminster already.

England should absorb it already.
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By Nets
Because the last thing the UN needs is another socialist-leaning "post colonial" state with a chip on its shoulder.
By ComradeDX
Why do you think that Scotland would be Socialist leaning? If anything if Scotland was to gain independance, the initial model would that of a liberal democracy, like the majority of europe. Although I am most definetly not a liberal or a democrat, and i'm definetly not a socialist. Why is it such a bad idea to have another country as part of the UN? Your not really giving a good reason for your point here.
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By Igor Antunov
Well it will be interesting to see what new flag design Britain would adopt, after scotland leaves the union. Although I suspect they will all adopt this one eventually:

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By Figlio di Moros
Nets wrote:England should absorb it already.
I've heard people say the lowlands are pretty much English at this point; not having stept foot on the British Isles myself, I'd argue that if that is the case, than England ought to annex them as well as Wales and Cornwales(which, to myknowledge, are quite English) directly into their territory.
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By Shadow Dragon
No. For two reasons. First off, I doubt the people of Scotland would want to withdraw from the UK. Secondly, the decision for England and Scotland to join together was made jointly and agreed upon by both parliaments.
By Wolfman
From what I know about the situation (which is little), I'd say slowly gain more power. England and Scotland have little cultural similarities, and a break is almost unavoidable.
No. Scotland should remain part of Great Britian.

The Scotts could never bring themselves to spend the money necessary for health care or national defense.
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By Fasces
It was my belief that Scotland was a net contributor to Great Britain in terms of tax revenue?
I was referring to the Scotsman's legendary frugality. I guess I missed.
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By Thunderhawk
If a large majority wishes it, yes.
A small majority is not enough - people are fickle.

Knowing little of Scotish opinion on the matter, I would actually vote no. They gain more by being with GB then being apart.

The Scotts could never bring themselves to spend the money necessary for health care or national defense.

I saw what you did there..
By Aekos
They gain more by being with GB then being apart.

It's a matter of culture. Within the few hundred years they've been part of Britain (effectively, England) not only has Scots Gaelic practically died out but the once prestigious official language of Scotland, Scots, has diminished and has become a "vulgar dialect" of English. If the Scottish people believe that there is a Scottish nation, then they should opt for independence. Otherwise, they can become more English until they're 100% assimilated.
By ComradeDX
Thank you Aekos, I completely agree with your point. This reason is one of the main reasons that I am a nationalist.

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