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SSDR wrote:Gambling Is Terrible.

When I was in New York last month I walked into a casino on Long Island; Jake's 58.

I started with $40.

An hour later I cashed out my winnings of just over $2,300. Not sure what's so fuckin' "terrible" about that...
B0ycey wrote:Industrialisation has made China and took people out of poverty. Why is capital a requirement to build a factory to you? Does the beaver pay to build the dam?

Capital isn't a requirement, it's just more effective than any other method put into practice, which is why China brought in market reforms, but the gov kept enough control over the economy so foreign capital investment could help fund growth but wouldn't completely take over and over-exploit the country.

If capital had no meaning and we lost it tomorrow humans wouldn't die off and would still progress.

Sure we'd survive, we just very likely wouldn't progress as fast.
Unthinking Majority wrote:Sure we'd survive, we just very likely wouldn't progress as fast.

If the populace does not need currency nor social classes to motivate them to work, then this statement would most likely be false.

It just depends on the population. A true socialist population (full of true socialist people) would make more progress with no capital than under a capitalist economy.

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