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would you eat labgrown meat

It is cheaper and eco friendly, in some years it will taste like real meat, but I would not eat it. I feel sick when I know how it is produced, realy.

I buy often turkish cheese who contains 50% labgrown cheese it tastes not bad (I buy it because it is the cheapest), but labgrown meat I can not simply eat.
If you didn't know you were eating it, you'd probably have no problem with it. It's a perception thing.

40 years ago, if you asked people to eat raw fish(Sushi), many Westerners would have thought you were nuts. Now, it's extremely popular.

Yes, I'd eat it. The domesticated animals we already eat are practically lab-grown.
I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss. — Cypher
I hope I live long enough to try it.

I am a bit compulsive about trying things. I bought this drink once in an Asian grocery store. It had those gelatin balls, I don't like those. But it also had this herb that was supposed to be good for you.

It tasted so bad it reminded me of my childhood. Back then parents would force cod liver oil down you, and liquid drugs were popular, and some of them were unspeakably vile. Same thing, except I've lost half my tastebuds since then.

I've had fried earthworms. Needs garlic.

First time I went to Florida, I'm in a restaurant with my wife and her best friends, Jeanette and Ollie. The three of them were Floridians born there. They had never had gator. I ordered fried gator tail, and they tried it for the first time off my plate.
Not only would I eat it, but I look forward to the day when the suffering of farm animals is diminished and greater amounts of land can actually just be given back to nature.

Maybe instead of Europeans forcing poor Brazilians to maintain their rain forests and go without development, they can invest some money in reforesting portions of their lands.
Would I see a time in the next 50 years when there will be no animal killed meat on the menu no. Maybe the idea of factory made hamburgers will have become the normal option but the idea of cows, chicken, pig or lamb becoming unpopular is just too hard to picture.

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