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Where would you allocate us, Balkanites by culture???

1 Europe
2 Eurasia
3 Other
I read quite a bit on the Balkans during the war in the 90s and learned quite a bit on this forum about your culture. I have interviewed a Serb Policeman, A Bosniak Hotelier, and a Croatian friend that used to be on this site.

The commonality between all of them? Even the cop? They all said it was the politicians, that no one cared who was what. The Bosniak even said, "We loved each other, We went to Church or Mosque and danced together at each other's weddings".

There was also a Slovene here named Mahzi. Young guy back then, but really smart.

Then there is indeed your Ottoman and loosely Helen and Byzantine influences.

You're really just the Balkanites. You're at the crossroads of East and West and always have been. If you feel something from your ancestry or culture that's important to you, and that the EU wouldn't call its own: (Forgive my Americankisness) F*ck Em.

Oh gosh, I haven't even begun to share forum lore yet, wait until I tell you about the Albanian Communist!
Unthinking Majority wrote:If you're majority Christian i'll say European. If Muslim or something else I'll say asian.

We Bosniacs do not integrate in Western societies we assimiliate unlike Serbs or Albanians. :-(

Croats forget their mother tongue often after just 1 generation.
I would contend that the distinction between Asia and Europe is arbitrary. There is no clear cut geographical distinction between them.
Unthinking Majority wrote:If you're majority Christian i'll say European. If Muslim or something else I'll say asian.

This illustrates why in my opinion whiteness is a faulty social construct. For example, there are people ranging from Iran to India whom are as light complected as those in Europe, such as some of these people in Pakistan yet they are still considered to be Asian. I feel that what is considered to be white, rather than simply Indo-European , depends upon cultural classification, i.e. whether or not it fits into Western Civilization.
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