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Should electronics and cars have a 10 year warranty?

1 Yes
2 Yes but just 5 years
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3 No
4 Other
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When I buy electronics I buy high end stuff but unfortunately after 3 Years they do not work properly. Samsung and Apple give just max. 4 years updates for smartphones. 20 years ago if you buyed a expensive PC you could use it for decades, today max 5 years.

This is a huge burden for the environment.

A warranty is a good proxy for how long the manufacturer expects the product to last. Forcing longer warranties will not actually make the product more reliable, just add to the cost of it.
They could also design products that are easy to repair and replace parts for instead of being hostile to such efforts. Apple went so far as to design a new screw so no one could open up their devices and do something radical like replace the battery or upgrade a component. I've bought appliances with 10 year warranties on the core component such as a washing machine's motor.

A mandated 10 year warranty doesn't mean electronics will have to function perfectly for a decade, it means manufacturers will be required to repair or replace any device that breaks prematurely.

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