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remarkable new information: a respected pro-vaccine medical expert used by the federal government to debunk the vaccine-autism link, says vaccines can cause autism after all. He claims he told that to government officials long ago, but they kept it secret.

Dr. Zimmerman declined our interview request and referred us to his sworn affidavit. It says: On June 15, 2007, he took aside the Department of Justice—or DOJ lawyers he worked for defending vaccines in vaccine court. He told them that he’d discovered “exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism.” “I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder.”

“I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder.” [CJF emphasis]

Godstud wrote:This thread belongs in the Conspiracy Theory section. It's bullshit and tripe.


Let's take a look at just who this "conspiracy theorist" is

Andrew Zimmerman
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman serves as a scientific advisor to N of One. Dr. Zimmerman has been seeing and caring for autistic patients for over three decades at such prestigious institutions as John Hopkins Kennedy Krieger Institute and Mass General Hospital in Boston. In addition to having cared for thousands of autistic patients, he is an accomplished and highly-regarded researcher having published over 70 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Zimmerman's expertise in autism research is evidenced by his having served as Director Of Medical Research at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Director of Clinical Trials at the Lurie Center for Autism at Mass General Hospital For Children. Dr. Zimmerman embodies the type of serious academic researcher who takes the observations of parents seriously that we look to work with. He was the first researcher to clinically document and publish a paper on the Fever Effect - the phenomenon whereby many autistic patients' ASD symptoms improve transiently when they have a fever. Recently, N of One backed a research study where Dr. Zimmerman conducted a clinical trial on sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli and cauliflower, in fever-responders in an attempt to take advantage of the phenomenon.

Summary Points from Dr. Zimmerman's bio:

Pediatric Neurologist; 36 yrs of practice

One of the foremost experts on autism and autism research in the world. 74 peer-reviewed publications primarily in autism.

Johns Hopkins (Kennedy Krieger Institute); 16 yrs (Staff, Physician, President of Medical Staff)

Mass General Hospital (Lurie Center for Autism); 3 Yrs (Staff Physician, Director of Medical Research); Presently on Volunteer Teaching Staff; Harvard Medical School.
University of Massachusetts Medical School @ Worcester; Present

I've hard the name before and he's involved in many anti-vaxxer bullshit.

Zimmerman’s testimony
The heart of the fraud claim related to Dr. Zimmerman is that the Department of Justice commissioned an expert report (pdf) from him in one of the test cases, that of Michelle Cedillo, and in it he stated:

There is no scientific basis for a connection between measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine or mercury (Hg) intoxication and autism. Despite well-intentioned and thoughtful hypotheses and widespread beliefs about apparent connections with autism and regression, there is no sound evidence to support a causative relationship with exposure to both, or either, MMR and/or Hg. Michelle Cedillo had a thorough and normal immunology evaluation by Dr. Sudhir Gupta, showing no signs of immunodeficiency that would have precluded her from receiving or responding normally to MMR vaccine. ... _testimony
Godstud wrote:I've hard the name before and he's involved in many anti-vaxxer bullshit.

:knife: He's not "involved in many anti-vaxxer bullshit", he's a an expert witness for the DOJ and the CDC who testified against a link between vaccines and autism. He's saying that he told the DoJ lawyers at the time that vaccines are implicated in a subset of autism cases and that he was dismissed for it.
Every one knows that vaccines causes autism, the sasquatch lives in montana and he owns a few ness monsters that were exported using illuminati money back in 1930s as the masons were worried that the ness monsters would end up dying during WWII. This ofcourse did not happen as we all know WWII never happened. Hittler was an actor that was hired by the powerful politicians of their times so they can nationalize industries and increase taxes. The guy that played the role of hitler actually died in 1992 at the age of 99 years old (yes, he also pretended to bit a bit older). The USSR was also a farse, the US goverment invented the whole thing as to make taxpayers money go to space. Kennedy wanted to place a big giant laser in the moon as he was worried about extraterrestials... however we all know that he was unable to send people to space, main reason because space does not really exist. What we see on the sky is a large domes with tiny openings that have light sources to imitate stars. Our planet is obviously flat (what kind of moron would actually think it was really round right? What happens if you lived in chile in a round planet? you would obviously fall down into space! so no... obviously our planet is very flat.)
Is Full Measure a well known current affairs program? May I ask what TV station airs it and also the date of its being aired? The YouTube clip has the date of Jan 1/6 2019, but that may have been when it was posted to the net.
ness31 wrote:Is Full Measure a well known current affairs program? May I ask what TV station airs it and also the date of its being aired? The YouTube clip has the date of Jan 1/6 2019, but that may have been when it was posted to the net.

Full Measure is an American Sunday morning political affairs and investigative news magazine series that debuted on October 4, 2015. Hosted by investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, the syndicated program is produced by the Sinclair Television Group.[2] Airing on most television stations operated by the Sinclair Broadcast Group division, it is initially broadcast at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time (although some Sinclair owned-and/or-operated stations air the program later in the morning, depending on the scheduling of local and network programming); it is also streamed live-to-air on the program's website,

Atkinson was the investigative correspondent in the DC bureau for CBS News and anchored CBS Evening News.
Suntzu wrote:What he said was that the MMR vaccine could cause autism in rare instances when the child had a pre-existing condition.

Well that's huge because up until now the establishment has denied any connection between vaccines and autism. And the science is only just emerging, there could easily be multiple susceptibilities that could be triggered by vaccines. Also it's not just autism, vaccines could be triggering a number of serious autoimmune and neurological disorders.

The point here is that vaccines are nowhere near as safe or effective as the establishment claims. I knew that before I even looked into it, it's obvious to everyone but the babbitts. The only reason the babbitts are winning on this one is because the mass of humanity is pathologically apathetic and borderline retarded.
Suntzu wrote:No one has ever claimed that vaccines were absolutely safe. I don't think you will find anything out there that is absolutely safe to include peanuts and shell fish. I have no doubt that a few folks died from polio and smallpox vaccines. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

The risks are far greater than what's claimed and the effectiveness of vaccines is also greatly overstated. All the establishment has to back up its claims is junk science and official pronouncements and none of that passes muster with anyone who doesn't have their babbitt head all the way up their babbitt ass. There is no institution in this crooked fucking world that can be trusted, all there is is the science and when you look at the actual science you find that it's pretty fucking flimsy. And that's not just me talking, that's coming from NIH directors, top epidemiologists, practicing clinicians, and a whole host of respected academics and researchers. Shit, even the institutes of babbittry like the IOM say the science is shoddy and shot through with conflicts and biases. The whole thing's a fucking joke that relies on the stupidity, ignorance, and fear endemic to mass society.
skinster wrote:
I have noticed though, how those who are pro-vaccines tend to get a bit hysterical towards people who aren't, what's that aboot?

It's pretty simple, the world is a scary place that can go sideways at any minute for any number of reasons and because the asshole liberal class are super sophisticated atheists that don't have the comfort and reassurance traditional religion provides they look to institutional authority like government or science to calm their fears and ease their angst. So when someone comes along and points out the obvious corruption and unreliability of those institutions they react like any religious fundie does when the pillars of their faith are challenged with facts and reason. Same age old idiocy just with a secular doctrine.
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