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By The trigger
I love how democrats blamwd the bad economy on bush which I have to say has some Merritt but of course none of it was obamas fault for having a terrible recovery.
But now. After trump go elected and took action and tge economy has becone very good now its all because of obama .
Now heres the best part .
Barr offered to let 6 republicans and 6 democrats on the panel that issued him subpoenas to see the report the entire report nothing blanked out.
Well how many democrats jumped at this offer .
Why my gosh none of them.

Also barr had released the majority of the report except names and grandjury testimony.
Which is illegal for barr to release to the public.

I have never seen such a show except at the circus.
A true show to rally the media and public in a action that looks like a pack of wild retards drunk on the loose screaming the sky is falling.

Its totally political and all for show
By The trigger
Im guessing that 10 percent or so of America really want and understand it.
Generally its benifits some people in political control and favor but over time it collapses on its self over time .
Often when it has it looks like Nazi Germany or Venezuela or Cuba .
Now a touch of socialism can be a good thing and we already do this with welfare and food stamps social security and disability unemployment medicare . often these are abused or mismananged but overall they are programs that benifit some people that do need help .

The cortez version would bankruptcy America .
By The trigger
Yes thats the new demo motto and they know with things going the way they are for the nation that they have a better chance of all of iran becoming pro Isreal.

So they now are going to try the postage for any letter let's investigate him another hundred time
Lets harass his family lets see what issuing illegal sabina's everybody in his administration let's threaten impeachment and let's go after his tax returns.

Whats next who knows they have even investigates into his sex life before he was president.

They know they cant beat him in 2020 expecially with uncle joe the front runner saying china isnt in competition with us and wanting free health care for illegals . And all of the democrats pushing socialism aka communist party .
Well well uncle joe wants to give illegals free health care.
What a moron the man is.

Now I dont work any more im 60.
Heres why.

I have a bad case of congestive heart failure . sometimes just taking a shower has me sucking air .

Reduced kidney function.
Severe dibetic issues.
A severe case of diabetic retinopathy sometimes I can't even feel my feet and I have pains in my feet and hands that feel like needles
Sometimes my fingers go numb
Copd asma
Blood clots in my calf my thigh my groin and my lungs that could kill me any second.
Irritable bowel syndrome
Thats the short list.

I could no longer perform my job and left. I did file for disability about 16 months ago I had to sell my home and move in with family. I pay about 700 a month for insurance alone . Im living off my savings .
When its gone im screwed.

And uncle joe want to provide health insurance for free to illegals.
I was cutting grass at 15 to make money by 18 I was digging graves and shoveling salt and gravels off the back of a truck for the city in ohio
I worked in a chemical plant worked on the shuttle in florida and been acpublic safety officer for a private college protecting people's kids.

Now uncle joe biden the moron wants to give illegals free health insurance for simply crossing the boarder.
What kind of a moron is he and his supporters.

Maybe Im wrong maybe non citizens deserve benifits thst our own disabled people cant get . Please can one democrat here explain how this is a good thing and why they deserve it and I dont.

whats where are all of uncle joes supporters saying his right and Im wrong

How many people think china is not in competition both politically and economically stand up and support uncle joe biden the democrat great white hope.

O yes china is shipping the fentanyl they make to mexico to be smuggled in from there naturally we need open boarders that democrats want to make it easier for them.

Odd how joes son took money from ch8na and the Ukraine goverment back by putin .
Odd how joe wanted the proscutor fired investigation his son and refused to turn over a billion dollars.
O yes his son was under investigation for money.

The Ukraine goverment admits it was trying to influance the election in favor of Clinton with backing from putin but the democrats are screaming foul play .
Yea right
Yes the little socialist aka commie democrat discovered a switch in her apartment.
It turned 9n her garbage disposal .
She was amazed by it and didnt know what it was.
She was also concerned by its environmental impact .
Something she forgot about when using taxis and jets and buying bolt together furniture and her new high end apartment.

But back to my point.
This is the leader of the new green deal a plan that will cost us trillions over the next 10 years and end the world if we down according to her .

Now a multi trillion dollar plan by a woman who is amazed by a garbage disposal . yep makes perfect sense if your a moron .

She needs to go back to bar tending .
If a disposal rocked her world she has no business in congress.
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By Godstud
The trigger wrote:They know they cant beat him in 2020 expecially with uncle joe the front runner saying china isnt in competition with us and wanting free health care for illegals . And all of the democrats pushing socialism aka communist party .
:roll: None of this is even remotely true. Please provide some sources for your outlandish claims.

1) Many think Trump can be beaten, but the right candidate has yet to be determined/discovered.
2) Everyone knows China is an economic powerhouse... even Joe Biden. Your claim is patently false.
3) No one is suggesting free health care for illegals.
4) American style socialism isn't going to be Communism. That is simply ignorant fear-mongering. Socialized healthcare isn't communism, and would be cheaper than the current system that American pay for, that doesn't even serve all Americans.

If you are simply on this forum to troll, you won't last long if you can't actually present a decent argument.
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By Godstud
:lol: @Zionist Nationalist

That's not exactly true, seeing as he actually said this:
“Look, I think that anyone who is in a situation where they are in need of health care, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for,” Biden said in response to whether illegal immigrants “should be entitled to federal benefits like Medicare, Medicaid.” He added, “By the way, a significant portion of undocumented folks in this country are there because they overstayed their visas.” - Joe Biden May 8, 2019.

That rag added in a word "free", that Biden never said. That simply distorting facts.
God stud tell us which canadate can beat trump you have over 20 to choose from.
And you know full well trump has been investigated more than any president and you got what out of it a sweaty Palm.
Now democrats cry impeachment every day please try it and watch the results .
you all keep crying about every report until you get the one you want.
My god you even investigated his sex life .
You hate the mueller report because it didnt condem the man so lets go after his staff former lawyers his tax returns his family.
Guess you think none of that is as you said remotely true . your right its isnt remotely true its a FACT and you know it but your scared to say it.
i thought obama got the pressure put on him but its nothing comparec to how democrats have chased trump.
Maybe just maybe if the house would work on bills to improve america instead of crying to the press like a hooker who got arrested on camera for doing 5 dollar tricks and crying subpoena subpoena subpoena impeach impeach impeach Russia Russia Russia there's only one way we have to beat Trump we have to beat Trump socialism socialism and socialism that's the great thing illegal alien we must help them
Poor muslims poor muslims they are so kind and peaceful
You might get some place with voters that have a mind as is your only reaching the hysteria induced democrats aka a pack of wild druged up retards on the attack .

Lets face it your number one boy uncle joe biden saying were not in competition with china and we need to provide free health care for illegals isnt scoring home runs except with the moron pack who dont know better.
You would of done better if he was handing out free cotten candy at carnivals and kissing all the babies he could with out mom or dad beating him simple for being a pervert .

Good luck buddy but theres enough of Americans that still have common sense left and are not blinded by political hysteria left that uncle joe might as well go lay down some place and go to sleep
Ive been amazed by th8ngs democrats have said about trump .
Not trying to say bad th8ngs were not said about obama .
But the following wete special.

I recall some sugessting he be hanged on the white house lawn .
I think it was jonny dep and madonna who were talking about assisanations .

Lets not forget the hes stealing from america hes a russian spy.
I heard people imply he was having sex with his daughters
O yes the ever popular lets l9ck his kids up with rapists and child molesters and leave them there.

His wife is a hooker

Hes a tax cheat

I have seen a lot of presidents attacked over the years but not like this one . and I have seen presidents investigated mainly nixon and clinton but they didnt compare to trump.
Im waiting for democrats to start a investigation into his bathroom use.
They already did a check on his sex life before he became president and had stormy talk about his penis size .
:lol: Please provide some sources for your stupid claims.

Calling for assassinations in the US is illegal, and if someone had done that, they would have been arrested.

I have never heard anyone say his wife's a hooker.

Yes, Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star who then commented on his dick size. I guess that happens when you do something like that.

Trump's a tax cheat, but not illegally. If he didn't have something to hide, he'd have released his tax returns.

When you are President, you are up to all kinds of scrutiny and criticism. I see you've already forgotten Trump starting the birther bullshit about Obama not being born in USA. You trolls forget things like that very conveniently.
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First off, what is up with the 8 in th8ngs? Sorry, cannot take anyone seriously when they type funneh! :lol:

Anyway, your entire post in the OP looks like a bitchfest. We get those a lot over here. :roll:

Third, do you watch the news? I agree with what @Godstud wrote. I think the OP is just making wild claims based on hearsay from old biddies or other ignorant people around him/her.

In this forum, usually people cite links or articles if they want to be taken seriously.
You can find lots of people that say crazy or stupid stuff with incredible ease.
God stud you must not only be deaf but blind .
Many of these were said by people like depp fonda and madonna you can deny it all if you wise and pertend your a moron. .
But I have heard every one of these on the news yes both fox and cnn and others .
You see I watch several news sources. My favorite is BBC i refuse to watch msnbc however due to the fact they are all politival morons.
The trigger wrote:God stud you must not only be deaf but blind .
I am neither deaf nor blind. What's your excuse?

The trigger wrote:Many of these were said by people like depp fonda and madonna you can deny it all if you wise and pertend your a moron.
I can see you don't pretend to be a moron. :D If they threatened the President, then they'd be up on charges. I can see they haven't been charged, with any cursory look at news sources, and so your claim is rubbish.

These incidents are not as you describe, which is, of course, not a surprise...

Johnny Depp Flirts With Idea of Trump Assassination, Then Apologizes
Johnny Depp presented his film “The Libertine” at the Glastonbury Festival in England this month. “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” he asked.
Speaking on Thursday at the Glastonbury arts festival in southwest England, Mr. Depp asked the audience, “Can you bring Trump here?”

The remark was met with booing and jeering, and he continued: “You misunderstand completely. When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to clarify: I’m not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it’s been awhile, and maybe it’s time.”

The words — which were condemned by the White House on Friday, and which Mr. Depp apologized for — were being interpreted as an allusion to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth, an actor, in 1865.

Mr. Depp, who was introducing a screening of the 2004 film “The Libertine” — in which he played the womanizing poet John Wilmot, second earl of Rochester — acknowledged that his words would cause a storm.

“By the way, this is going to be in the press and it’ll be horrible,” he said. “It’s just a question; I’m not insinuating anything.” ... trump.html

Madonna: 'Blowing up White House' taken out of context
"Yes, I'm angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House," Madonna said. "But I know that this won't change anything. We cannot fall into despair."

She added, "I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things — one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt."
"However, I know that acting out of anger doesn't solve anything," she said. "And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love." ... index.html

And that is why you post sources. You can see it's not as you described. I'd have been able to see that a lot easier if you'd posted something to that effect, but now you just make yourself look a little silly.

The trigger wrote:You see I watch several news sources.
I do, as well. What's your point? :?:

The trigger wrote:My favorite is BBC i refuse to watch msnbc however due to the fact they are all politival morons.
BBC is pretty good, but dismissing news sources because you don't agree with their political commentary, is pretty silly. Even Fox news sometimes gets things right. :D
well god stud you must deaf and blind and live in a cave not to have heard what democrats have said about him.
now the Muslim talib who is anti Jewish l and linked to groups like Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood had claimed hes a crooked CEO.

The democratic party is fast BECOMING THE anti American pro terrorist pro illegals pro socialist aka communist anti capitalist party that if given the change will not only bankrupt the nation but destroy it.

o yes deep and Madonna were taken out of context. yea sure we know what they were getting at and you can like about it all you want. and again you knew it all has been said.
you were aware they had said these things when I mentioned don't pretending you didn't know

[KS mod edit: rule 2]
No. I was unaware of the statements from Depp and Madonna prior to your mentioning it. I then looked up the statements and of course, you took them out of context, in an attempt to demonize a whole sector of people.

This is exactly what Clinton did when she called people "deplorables". It's a similar tactic you seem to be employing... It didn't change people's minds then, and it won't now.

Try not insulting people merely because they show you are incorrect. This forum's for adults who can discuss things, not a place for flinging poo like Reddit or 4Chan.
No I didnt take thier statements out of context o they did a fine job of trying to save thier rear ends after showing how radical they were.
O I must of took the other statements statements out of contex sich as hes a russian spy and his wife is a hooker and he should be hung on the white house lawn and his kids should be locked up with rapist and child moleaters . Im sure it was all totally out of contex and they sidnt mean what they said either.
Just like with uncle joe biden saying were not un competition with china he must of been talkung about ping pong matchs and when he said illegals should get free health care . he was obviously trying to say when they were in custody only yea thats the ticket you can sell.
Your pathic.
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