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By marlon
I totally accept that the MSM (Mainstream Media) is controlled by virtue of the chosen subject matter published to the people. For example Greta Thunberg, suddenly and instantly on every UK channel - TV/Radio. LGBTQ person sacked under alleged discrimination. Hit and run driver, diplomatic immunity? et al.
It is my firm belief that the Extinction Rebellion morons, shutting down central London, is so bizarre and extreme its hidden agenda/purpose is to distract from the alleged sexual abuse of young girls - association with Epstein, Clinton and others by Prince Andrew. The ramifications are so huge the elite and powerful can and will and do anything to save their position.
Prince Andrew has been saved. Clintons. HM Queen and Royals. The whole shebang is now back to normal.
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By QatzelOk
If this is the case, it:s MSM that is tryimg to bury the Epstein-blackmails-world-leaders-for-Mossad story, and not the horny prince.

Why would MSM do this? Hmmm...
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