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Sivad wrote:i'm pretty sure white people evilly smelted crack because it was in their nature.

We all smelled a crack sometimes, nothing to be ashamed of.
I'm so totally racist. I worked with a black guy today that I thought was typically blidiculous. he kept saying he was an entrepreneur but he was just a retard from Compton. some born again Mexican dude was trying to tell me about how Catholic idols are satanic graven images. and there was a white trumptard that was just a straight up douche. i think all the races are equally retarded overall but they're all uniquely stupid in their own peculiar ways.
the least racist thing that happened all day was when the mexican dude driving the truck tried to racistly mock the asian guy in back seat by making ching chong noises and I said he sounded like mariachi mexican doing a chinese and the whole rainbow work crew laughed their balls off. it was a healing moment.
I'm laughing at your ranting and raving and carrying on.
I'm probably some kind of gay myself but I just don't know it. Thanks for mocking me like I'm some kind of gay minority, godstud, you don't know my inner feelings about homosexual butts and penii. Maybe i love that shit, did you ever think about that, hotshot?

yeah, i didn't think so.
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By Ter
Sivad wrote:flippant racism against dick on butt man sex is gross.

Not to worry Sivad, even if you were a homoseksual, we would still like you.
It happens in the best families.

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