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The Soviet Union gave us Chenobyl, modern China, Corona.

The authorities are trying to boast about how great they are- building a hospital in a week even though the army could have set up a field hospital in a day. Locking down large cities to prevent the spread of the disease after allowing the disease to take hold by locking down the doctors who tried to warn us about it.

They tried to scapegoat the local leaders but replaced them with a tone death party loyalist who wants to teach people to give praise to Xi Jinping. It didn't occur to him that maybe now is the time for humility and reflection.

The Chinese may be willing to put up with the CCP. That doesn't mean the rest of us should.
Beijing believes COVID-19 is a biological weapon
From conspiracy theory to geopolitical realism, the possibility to treat COVID-19 as a biological weapon has been finally accepted in the public sphere. The recent statement by the Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian, formally accusing the US of bringing coronavirus to China, has highlighted a series of new opinions about the pandemic.

The hypothesis of biological warfare behind the global pandemic had already been raised by Russian experts some weeks ago. Like any opinion that is slightly different from the official version of Western governments and their media agencies, the thesis was ridiculed and accused of being a “conspiracy theory”. However, as soon as the official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the second largest economic power on the planet publishes a note attesting to this possibility, it leaves the sphere of “conspiracy theories” to enter the scene of public opinion and official government versions.

In addition to making the explanation of biological warfare official, Zhao Lijian raised important questions about the pandemic data in the USA: “When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, ordered on the same day of the declaration of the Chinese Ministry the creation of a unified center of scientific research specialized in the fight against the coronavirus. The motivation, according to the Iranian spiritual and political leader, was motivated by evidence that the pandemic is a biological attack. These are his words: “The establishment of a headquarters to fight the outbreak [of COVID-19] occurs due to the presence of evidence that indicates the possibility of a biological attack, signaling that it is necessary that all coping services [to the coronavirus] be under the command of a unified headquarters”.

In fact, what the mainstream Western media has called a “conspiracy” has been manifested in US defense programs for a long time. We must briefly recall the official document named “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, published by the conservative think tank “Project for a new American Century”, where we can clearly read: “(…) advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool “.

Taking into account that the document was published in 2000, we can see that the possibility of biological warfare has been carefully considered and worked on by American strategists for at least two decades. However, the projects are even older. This article published in Global Research tells a brief history of biological warfare technology, tracing the remote origins of this practice by the American armed forces. In this genealogy of biological warfare, we find reports of the use of bio-weapons in wars in great conflicts of the last century, such as the Second World War, the Korea War and the conflicts with Cuba. Even so, until last Thursday, the mere fact of mentioning this hypothesis for the new coronavirus was rejected as conspiracy.

We must attain to concrete data: Pentagon has 400 military laboratories around the world, whose activities are still obscure; the USA has not yet made a clear statement about the COVID-19 data in its territory, having not yet informed the identity of its patient zero and maintaining uncertain information about the number of infected; Chinese scientists conducted a complex study in which they concluded that the virus did not originate in China, but that it had multiple and diverse sources from the Huanan marine seafood market from where the virus subsequently spread.

In February, the Japanese media agency Ashi TV reported that the virus originated in the U.S., not China, and that Washington would be omitting its actual numbers, with some cases of death attributed to influenza being, in fact, camouflaged cases of coronavirus; on February 27, a Taiwanese virologist presented a series of flowcharts on a TV program, corroborating the thesis that the virus has an American origin, providing a scientific explanation to the flow of the virus sources devoid of any geopolitical purpose.

Another curious fact is that China has been unexpectedly affected by epidemic phenomena, particularly during the period of the trade war between Beijing and Washington. Only between 2018 and the beginning of 2020, the country recorded epidemic episodes of H7N4, H7N9 (two variations of bird flu) and African swine flu. Also, the US has not officially responded to any of these notes, remaining silent about the coronavirus situation in its territory.

Not proposing a concrete answer, but only speculations, we can consider that the circumstances of the case present us a very extensive list of possibilities about what in fact the coronavirus is. Obviously, it is possible that it is not a biological weapon – and this is the official version of most of the media agencies and governments – however, once this hypothesis has been raised and no concrete evidence to the contrary is presented, it is also possible that it is a biological weapon.

The most important thing to do is to dispel the myth that biological wars are conspiracy theories. We must begin to take this possibility seriously and analyze the evidences in search of real solutions. Biological weapons are methods that have long been used and that form a fundamental part of modern warfare, whose costs are less than the methods of direct confrontation of the old wars of mobilization – and whose benefits are greater. ... EKON3-0Mq0
I'm confused about the meaning of this thread. Is the suggestion that authoritarian regimes threaten public health, or that lockdowns and closed borders are?
The Chinese police detained 8 doctors who discussed the virus with colleagues online and told them off for spreading rumours. Now the disease is a worldwide pandemic and has killed one of those doctors. If China were an open society maybe it would have never had to build new hospitals and lock down entire provinces.

PS- A hotel being used to quarantine people from Hubei collapsed and buried them alive. There are no live streams of rescue workers scrambling over the rubble.
I blame poor ass countries with lax health and safety regulations.

The Chinese eat dog and cat and have for thousands of years. They have dog meat festivals. Many of their markets aren't sanitary either.

They think the virus could have gone from animal to human by ingesting bat meat. Step your game up China.
Let's wait and see if the bourgeois democracies can flatten the curve as quickly as China did, then we can start poo-pooing their wily insular ways.
From the comtext, it seems obvious that @AFAIK is discussing how governments can and do restrict vital information that they feel threatens them, and that this censorship of information can and does have negative impacts when it comes to things like viral outbreaks.

I agree that withholding information at a time like this will probably result in deaths, and therefore governments should be open about their efforts, their failures, and anything else that might impact public health.

The ideal government for something like this would be a democratic socialist one, where there is both openness and the ability for the state to test and treat everyone.
Puffer Fish wrote:When you talk about 'closed' or 'open' societies, I don't think you're using the same meaning that many presume when the first read those terms.

It seems obvious you are not talking about a global interconnectedness when talking about 'open' society.

I believe @AFAIK is using Karl Popper's definition of an open society. An open society is not necessarily one that has open borders or high dependence on international trade. An open society by Popper's understanding was one in which governance was distributed and in which freedom of speech was enshrined. A liberal democracy for example. The US is an open society par excellence and so is a lot of europe now too.
If this disease had broken out in Russia, MSM would have been quite happy to consider that it was a Russian biological weapon. And if it had broken out in Russia it would be quite reasonable to consider the possibility that this was an attack by America or Israel. But everything we know about the American deep state is that they obsessively attack Putin at every turn, while looking for every opportunity to appease China. its is China and North Korea that are making the aggressive moves. Western leadership is desperate, utterly desperate to avoid conflict with China in-order to be able to obsessively focus on Iran and their allies, which include Assad and Russia.

Were talking about shutting down our economies, only keeping open vital services, but yet it seems like the occupations of Iraq and Syria go on regardless. I think we can see where our rulers priorities lie.
America is leading the way in killing people during a global pandemic.

America cares about Americans again:

AFAIK wrote:Never change, skinster.
Never change.

Thanks. 8)

Rancid wrote:You have now gone full Alex Jones on us. :lol:

You said that already and it wasn't interesting the first time. 0/11. You must do better.


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