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Sivad wrote:"socialists" have destroyed socialism.

All of those American bombs, Agent Orange, sanctions, seeded civil wars, terror attacks, CIA interventions, and economic sabotage... may have played a small role as well. :eh:

Libya's socialism wasn't bombed by Venezuelan socialists. Yugoslavia's socialism wasn't destroyed by the People's Republic of China.

And it wasn't the Socialist Parties of the USA that killed all those black leaders who were fighting for socialism. Why, that was what Ameicans call "the Elite" or "the Deep State."

In blaming socialists for the misery that the USA and allies delivered onto them, you sound like a teenager blaming his victim for provoking him to rape or assault them. "You made me break your arm by wearing a blue shirt. You know I hate blue clothing!" This usually goes away when the teen matures into an adult.

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