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urban dictionary wrote:door blocking
the process in which you block short and/or lame people from the most sacred of garages. objects used to block the door include ottomans, vaccums, tires, couch cushions, and other abrupt objects. also works well when you hide in the dark and throw things at the pathedic human being blocked.

ex. here comes noel. man your stations, its time for some door blocking!

When a boy is four years old, he realizes that he is strong enough and has enough self confidence... to block the door when his sister's friends come over. He can finally block their passage and demand a candy or a quarter to let them pass. A toll or tax.

The post-toddler is not willing to offer any additional product or service for this tribute of candy or money. He simply uses his new physical strength to extort something from someone who can't defend herself. Refusal to pay tribute by reluctant passers-by usually leads to confrontation and anger.

Capitalism works exactly the same way. Billionaires and trillionaires have managed only to "block passages" to other people (through things like patents, patronage, monopolies, forced technology changes, etc.) and have contributed nothing to anyone else in the form of goods or services. Any new technology that they "force" onto the market will only concentrate wealth into their hands. A tribute.

Like the four year old boy, Rich Capital uses a "route blocking" strategies to either extort, or to prevent anyone from entering "the market." Can you think of some of these "route blocking" techniques that I haven't mentionned? There are thousands of them.

Usually, a post-toddler will get some "talkings to" from parents, teachers, and older siblings about this obnoxious and parasitic behavior. We all go this phase of "learning" morality and how to manage our strenghts. Boys and girls grow out of this - usually. Morality is learned in phases, but whether or not a child learns "each phase" is up to the adults who are around them. Communities can ensure proper moral education, but many people grow up without a community that can do this for children. The rich are particularly fond of isolating their children from public morality.

But power has a way of favoring people who are blocked themselves - at this stage of childhood development.

So most of our powerful and rich are four-year-olds. Morality wise.

"When I grow up, I wanna be a toll booth."

So, this thread seem to have pointed to a kind of "arrested development" as a cause of capitalism, and of fascism (means of using power to hurt the collective in order to enrich a gang).

In his The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Engels concludes that Civilized Man is unable to satiate many natural needs because of the gradual erosion of kinship and inter-human affection. In essence, he is saying the same thing as me, except he is saying that the forced monogamy of women, and the replacement of women by men as a source of family identification, have lead us to our current misery.

So "not being able to mature and find fulfillment" are the major problems with many social systems on the planet, including the major ones that we all know. And powerful people who are as mature as a pre-schooler is a much bigger problem than it seems on the surface.

How can humans find happiness if ruled over by toddlers?

Enfants de la bombe
Des catastrophes
De la menace qui gronde
Enfants du cynisme
Armés jusqu'aux dents

Children of the bomb
Of all the catastrophes
that threaten the world
Cynical children
armed to the teeth

(Engels is actually concluding that the torture of modern life is due to the forced monogamy of females. That when women can't get "what they need," society gradually crumbles.)

toxic positivity.

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