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Advice to Young People as they face Annihilation [from ACC, aka AGW, as they live the remaining 5-7 dexades of their normal life span. | Roger Hallam of Extinction Rebellion | 2021, 2.2 hrs.

Yes, it is long. Yes, he assumes that ACC will lead to human extinction if we continue as we have been doing for the last 40 years, or even last 10 years. If you don't believe that, don't waste your time watching. It is aimed at young people, not us old farts. It is the current young who will live to see the disasters of war, starvation, massive lawlessness and rape, disease, and death.
. . . He does several things. 1] He provides evidence that ACC is a very real threat. 2] He gets very graphic in explining just what will happen to you (if you are currently young). 3] He explains what has been done for the last 40 years and how it has totally failed. 4] He explains why it failed, he says that we have not been resisting in the right way. We have been polite, when we need to shake things up and be willing to go to jail as we demand effective action. 5] He explains how the youth need to prepare their mind and attitudes going into this fight. They must be willing to suffer. This not as bad as it sounds, because "suffering" is already a sure thing. The only choice they have is what kind of suffering do they want to live thru. Either they will suffer the effects of war and massive lawlessness and rape; or they will maybe/likely/surely suffer in jail. Either they fight and win; or they will surely suffer as civilization breaks down and roving gangs of desperate young men try to surive as millions are dying all around them. The picture he paints is not a pretty one. 6] He explains how to organize yourselves and what sorts of actions to take.

It is a call to arms. Much like La Marseillaise is.
(the French National Anthem).

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