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Man DEBUNKS Labor Shortage Myth by targeting 60 FL business owners that complain on facebook that workers are just lazy.
. . . He got 9 emails, 2 phone call backs, and only 1 interview where the advertised wage was dropped from $10/hr. down to $8.65/hr.
. . . It seems like the other 48 bosses didn't really need workers. Or did most of those 48 bosses already find a worker?
. . . TYT claim the problem is that people don't want poorly paid terrible jobs.

Orlando Weekly
Link=> ... -is-a-myth

It is quite multifaceted and complicated.

Basically all the reasons you say here are probably a piece of the puzzle.

For example, I've been too drunk to go back to work, and I'm probably not the only one.

One among the various examples.

(Edit: as for me, I am not living off any free money, I was never eligible for any, I am living off debt, and am about to go bankrupt any day.)
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If you get my point, my personal issues aside, there are many reasons people are not going to work.

The ones mentioned in the media are often legit, but there are even things like, the young whippersnappers aren't going out to work in Subway, to earn money to go to the movie theater, cause there's no movie theater to go to.

It's a confluence, it is any sort of reason you can name, basically.

The expanded unemployment does have something to do with it. And the locking people in there houses where they don't have any money to spend, so they can finally save.

And then, they don't want to go back to a shit job, at least until they have to.

I work shit jobs, but I am in a different sort of way.

And there is a psychological condition, of being locked inside, and then being anxious about going back to the warzone again.

It is really any of these reasons we can name.

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