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We all know a few things.
1] A good way to prevent this is to go back to the original intent of the Founders and limit guns in the hands of the people to muzzle loaders.
2] My alternate to that for school shootings, but not for many other mass shootings, is to have the Federal Gov. sell more bonds to have grants to public school districts to install steel doors on all classrooms and some other rooms. And then keep them locked most of the time. So, a shooter can't get into a classroom with surprise before the school can be locked down.
. . . Or have a system where the doors can be locked by remote control by many people in the school with a pocket panic button.

This gets around the Repuds idea that the 2nd amendment covers all weapons, not including WMD & anti-aircraft rockets.
They might argue that it is a waste of money and we have to pay for it and not by selling bonds. But, didn't they just vote to spend $20 B for Ukraine and sell bonds to do that? If yes, then why is Ukraine 50 times more valuable than our nation's own children? After all, it is only money, and it seems like the Gov. has a money tree when it wants to use it for "this reason", whatever this reason is this time.

PS, late, you misspelled "this" in the title with a typo.

At the end of the day, the talking points of the pro-gun Americans do not stand up to careful, logical examination. I've spent time in the past posting specific refutations. I no longer bother.

The tragedy of the annual carnage through gunshot in America will continue until a sufficient percent of the American population mounts a campaign to dramatically reduce it.

Regards, stay safe 'n well . . . 'n un-shot.
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