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The price of gas has come down a bit here. Which is nice.

But there's a problem, we don't have enough refineries.

The problem with refineries is they are massively expensive. People don't want to invest that much when they think they might wake up one morning to find a Tesla in every garage.

Not only that, many of them are old, which means they are dangerous, and make a lot of pollution. Recently one of them blew up, a pipe failed that had been installed in 1973, and never inspected.

So you can see why cities are glad to get rid of them, and use the land for other purposes.

Heard it on NPR. We can import refined product, but the demand is already high for foreign oil, which means shipping it out and back. ... ces-russia
If you're concerned about *gas* prices....

Anxiety about the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) toward the Russian border is one of the causes of the current war in Ukraine. But this is not the only attempt at expansion by NATO, a treaty organization created in 1949 by the United States to project its military and political power over Europe. In 2001, NATO conducted an “out of area” military operation in Afghanistan, which lasted 20 years, and in 2011, NATO—at the urging of France—bombed Libya and overthrew its government. NATO military operations in Afghanistan and Libya were the prelude to discussions of a “Global NATO,” a project to use the NATO military alliance beyond its own charter obligations from the South China Sea to the Caribbean Sea. ... e_id=10292

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