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*We have videos of him clamoring for total authority.

We have videos of him wanting to be dictator (on day one, but it's doubtful he will be satisfied for one day).

We have a video of him praising dictators, giving love letter exchanges to Kim Jong Un.

We have a video of him preferring the word of Putin over that of his intel staff. (Helsinki).

We have a video of him asking Russia to commit cyber espionage on Clinton's servers.

We have documented 10 cases of obstruction of justice (Vol II MR).

He hired a lawyer to argue, in court, his desire for 'total immunity'.

When Trump was asked if that meant that he could murder someone, if there wasn't an impeachment and a conviction, would he be free from prosecution, his reply was that 'a president needs total immunity'. He didn't say no, he didn't qualify the question, he said that a president needs total authority. That was his answer.

Do you. on the right, understand that one of the first steps on the road to achieving total dictatorship is to get the courts to grant total immunity?

We have videos of him encouraging his base to be violent to detractors.

We have videos of him warning us that if he is convicted 'there will be bedlam', and 'there will be problems the likes of which we've never seen', which have been ascertained as dogwhistling his base encouraging violence. In each of these instances where he warned us, he never mentioned anything about discouraging it or saying 'violence is wrong'. Only when pressed did he briefly mention it.

Numerous Judges, their clerks, election officials (Republican and Democrat) and staff have received a FLOOD of death threats.

We have him on video, before the first ballot was ever cast in 2020,. that 'the only way Democrats can win is if they rig the election'. He told this lie, over and over and on January 6 riled up his base with the 'stop the steal' mantra, resulting in a volcanic juggernaut of rage which resulted in 6 deaths, 140 injuries, which led to 1200 convictions of his followers which he has promised to pardon.

We have a tape of him showing someone who doesn't proper clearance, confidential documents.

He was reported asking Gen Milley if it was okay to order military to shoot at protestors.

He has been indicted on espionage and related charges.

He has been indicted, state and federal, for his conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, some 45 felony counts.

He has been found liable of fraudulent financial activity in New York

His Trump org was convicted of Fraud, his CFO sent to prison.

HIs campaign manager sent to prison.

A number of his former staff and surrogates convicted and sent to prison.

He has been found liable of sex abuse based on a 'preponderance of the evidence'.

We have a tape of him bragging about the kind of sex abuse for which he has been found liable.

We have him on tape bragging that he could get away, as pageant owner, of barging in on teen's dressing rooms while they were in various stages of dress, some entirely naked. Some women, who were teens at the time, are coming forward and talking about it.

Republicans, the time has come, the evidence is incontrovertible, you must quit apologizing for this man and confront his authoritarianism, criminality and perversion, and quit supporting him. Vote for Nikki, DeSantis, or someone anyone but him. You will get roughly the same policies without the threat to National Security. In fact, I believed Nikki polls against Biden better than Trump does. A few dems I know would rather have Trump run against Biden than Haley. Frankly, I believe in the constituiton, and the constitution says that ifyou have committed insurrection against the US Constitution, and a number of judges thus far have, you are disqualified. This point will soon be ruled on by the Supreme Court. But, if he isn't disqualified, consider these words, and consider voting for someone other than Trump. Personally, I'd like to see Gov Christie get the Republican nomination.

And this leads to the last point, his desire for 'total immunity'.

Trump has a lawyer who is arguing in court to grant Trump 'total immunity'.

Think about that.

The ONLY exception for this immunity would be if Trump were, as president:

1. Impeached for the crime
2. Convicted by the Senate for the crime.

If not, then Trump is totally free from any legal consequence of his actions.

What are the odds that an already fearsome sycophantic Repub Senate, that a man with the power of life and death, that this Senate would ever convict him, let alone impeach him? What that means is that the power he holds would be the same power that would prevent an impeachment and conviction, thus, effectively, giving Trump total dictatorial power.

Now, what could possibly go wrong, would could we possibly imagine this kind of immunity would do to the head of a power lusting creature like Trump?

Did any of you see the film, 'The Mask'? Do you recall what happened to the bad guy when he got hold of the 'Mask'? That is precisely what will or could very well happen with Trump. You will see the maniac that is welling up in his evil soul be unleashed. The evil genie will woosh out from the proverbial bottle and there will be no putting it back in. Think about the damage he could do, without fear of consequences?

Think about it. Just what kind of man would want such a thing? No president in history as ever argued for it, for to do so would be patently un-American, un-democratic, and it would be totally authoritarian. The president already enjoys civil immunity from official acts. But criminal? What ever happened to 'no one is above the law'?

A desire for 'total immunity', 'total authority' ("It has to be this way" --DJT) is a significant step on the road to becoming a dictator.

Have you forgotten, or are you denying all the other evil things he has said and done?

And just because the SCOTUS will shoot the case down (oh, they will, for sure) doesn't mean the beast in this man's soul has vanished. Is this the kind of person we want controlling the nuke football?

What kind of man but an insanely malignant narcissist who lusts for total power, total authority, WITH IMPUNITY for the consequences of his actions, would ever want such a thing. But that's just it, Trump wants it, it's desire has welled up from his soul, which, to me, proves he is evil.

Wake up and smell the fascism.

* Evidence for any claim provided on request.
Skinny Bob wrote:*We have videos of him ...

We have videos of him ...

We have a video of him ...

Yes, and we have an army of Jeffrey Epsteins spying on everyone and extorting them.

Is this democratic or tyrannical, in your opinion Bob?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight !

This is totally believeable.

Especially since we dont have any experience whatsoever how Trump actually behaved as president for four years straight. :roll:

Right ?

If we had that, surely he would have been for example a dictator already now, right ?

Right ? Obviously ? Right ? :lol:

And by the way, all the things they said Trump would do, Biden is now doing. They told us Trump is racist, and gave us Biden, literally the author of the crime bill, the reason why so many black people are in prison, probably the most racist of all US politicians. They said Trump lies, and gave us Biden, who is infamous for being a liar throughout his career. They said Trump cant be talked with, and gave us Biden, who truely cannot talk with anyone, and utterly fails at tasks of diplomacy (which Trump managed quite nicely, by the way). Biden is even steering the world towards WW2, another thing they claimed Trump would do.

While Trump actually slightly raised the income and wealth of average people. Something that hasnt happened since the 1970s.

Trump didnt start any new war. In fact he tried to terminate some (Afghanistan, Syria).


THATS why they dont want Trump. Because he disrupts their schemes. Specifically they want wars so they can make more money. Trump is member of the same club, for example famously friends with the Clintons, but rich enough so he can think slightly differently. Like, he considers wars rather wasteful. And its already too much for them.
Negotiator wrote:...They told us Trump is racist, and gave us Biden, literally the author of the crime bill, the reason why so many black people are in prison, probably the most racist of all US politicians. ...

This is a good point. All political leaders in the West create policies that are *as racist as the sponsors of these political parties are.* And both major USA parties are sponsored by incredibly racist oligarchs for whom racism is just a strategy for making money.

While Trump actually slightly raised the income and wealth of average people. Something that hasnt happened since the 1970s.

This is a weak point, on the other hand. It's too easy for a fixed term leader to "raise income" for average people. In my entire lifetime, this has been done by neglecting maintenance, borrowing money, selling off state assets, and printing more money. All of these strategies provide short-term gain in income... by long-term decline in income.

Trump was typical in this regard. Not special at all. And his "Lack of war-starting" was puncuated by assasination of an Iranian leader, and the moving of the USA embassy to Al Quds - both of these are war precipitating moves by the State Department. (typical again)
@Skinny Bob

The right, on some level, understands that Trump is just a shitty person who wants to be unchecked dictator for life of the United States but do not care because they are under the illusion that Trump will be "their dictator, their strongman." But no dictator or strongman is anybody's strongman and eventually turn on the very same people who helped them rise to power.

For example, Stalin, and many other strongman around the globe, killed off and purged many people or groups of people that helped them rise to power and maintain power. A lot of times, these strongmen will use their supporters to do the dirty work and to keep "arms length" from any crimes and then blame those crimes on the same people who did the dirty work just to get rid of them so they are no longer a possible future threat to their power.
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