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Charles Hugh Smith wrote:...The enormous profitability of edible snacks is mirrored in all the other manifestations of America the Snackable: our daily lives are now composed of one bite-sized addictive snack of social media, novelty memes, political opinion, financial data-snacks and pundits' opinions and snackable videos after another.

Attention spans and the ability to grasp complex issues have withered to snack-size, and whatever is being marketed as "ideas" are as devoid of value as an empty-calorie snack...

Because politics forum is a type of social media venue, it might be considered part of the Snack-dialectic that Smith discusses in the above article.

But what are the symptoms that something is "a snack?"

6. The snack is a legal addictive product as the snack has been designed to hijack humans' innate receptors for sugar, salt and fat and satisfying mouthfeel. (Bet ya can't have just one.)

1. Has this site (and other discussion forums) been designed to be addictive?

2. Does it contain contents that are unhealthy?

3. Does it have low nutritional value?

Obviously, some of the posters on this forum post unhealthy fast-food memes that have very little educational value.

4. But the forum itself... might it even improve our political nutrition by exposing the unhealthy opinions we are fed by McMedia?


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