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By Freedom
I've noticed some talk regarding providing sources for articles in the Political Circus.

I received an email recently by the webmaster of an internet magazine saying that an article on POFO was quote against copyright and without sourcing. For starters when quoting an article make sure you are allowed to do so and also provide a link to the place where you found the article to avoid me getting any more of these emails.

Therefore from this day forth you will be asked to source all articles you quote.

If you dont want a huge url stuck at the bottom of your page simply do this:

Code: Select all[url=enter web address here]Source/article/whatever[/url]

For example:


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By MB.

The Newbie Guide & FAQ wrote:One Line Posts (aka One-Liners/The Bane of Our Existence)

Once upon a time in a forum far away, we came up with the maxim "One line. One bullet." That pretty much sums up our feeling about one line posts. For those blissfully uninitiated, a one-liner is a post that conveys NO ACTUAL relevence to the topic at hand. It is usually short, useless, and often contains random profanity

Don't get us wrong, brevity may be the soul of wit, but you have to make sure that if your posts are going to be brief, they must contain wit, or at very least some semblance of intelligent thought.

As this is a forum for adults (or at very least mature individuals) to discuss politics; immature, one-line posts will not be tolerated! Don't be surprised if any of yours disappear. Chances are if you think it's a crappy one-liner, it probably is. Might want to stop before you click that "submit" button and rethink it. Most particularly in forums in the Issues and Ideologies sections (note: one liners are generally acceptable in the Gorkiy Park forum).

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