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HDThoreau by some is seen as Founding Father of American Libertarian Thought [1] I think they are right .. I've bump again in my life to his ascetic neoapgan puritanism through line in post on natural rights thread [1] in which could is sensed his anarchism, but when one will dive in his mindset its easily noticeable that he belongs more to the libertarian thought [1] than the anarchist cause ... yes looks like he was wannabe green anarchist, but again if right-libertarian like Frank Chodorov is offering him as good read [1] then is logical that at least he is basis of the american libertarianism ... some say that even his protege or rather spiritual father RWEmerson was wannabe libertarian too [1][1] in my opinion in regard of his life more like wannabe humanist and naturalist [1]




... if people want chance for self'sufficient agrarianism in west again, then the western societies first need to implement such feel the solitude mood in the education [1][1][1] what after would trigger inertia to easy transition in patriarchal agrarian village lifestyle, something that will utmost needed after the next great depression, otherwise urban dystopian future will be more than norm!
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