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Classical liberalism. The individual before the state, non-interventionist, free-market based society.
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By Monti
Libertarianism, that is people who hate the State as much as possible. And who are proud of that. Why do they hate the State so much? They have naturally searched for rational reasons, but the main reason is that they like that. For them, hating the State is a source of pleasure.
They tell that the most important value for them is their freedom and that the State, even in a democratic country, is the enemy of their freedom. If you like freedom so much, you don’t marry and you have no children. They would reply: with a family, you choose to reduce your freedom. True, but if it is conceivable that we rationally decide to lower our freedom, does it not change our perception of what freedom really is?
Today, giant firms are much more powerful than most States. They manipulate us, they indoctrinate us, they track us. For a libertarian, is all that a problem? Certainly not. The people who run theses firms are thought to be heroes. The unique enemy, the monster, is the State.
Monti wrote:
The unique enemy, the monster, is the State.

After tele-observing how the recent siege of Ottawa played out, it's clearer than ever that the freedom-for-convoys 'movement' was basically political *tourism*, for an imagined romantic 1776-type nostalgia. It's a make-your-own-Disneyland for the right wing, centered around a cartoonish caricature of government with a *very* low on-ramp.

The final proof that such invaders aren't even politically serious is found in their simplistic *take* on government, like it's a singular gamified *obelisk* to topple, for victory. This fetishizing of scapegoated 'bad-government' shows a lack of differentiation of left-vs.-right-factions, *and* foreign-and-domestic policy spheres within the expanse of all government departments. (Social Security versus military spending, for example.)
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