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February 24 became a turning point in world history. The barbaric war Russia unleashed in Ukraine is an unprecedented act of medieval cruelty Europe never seen in its newest history. Under the guise of lies and propaganda, the Kremlin has set out a clearly articulated goal: to seize Ukraine, which the Kremlin dictator, Vladimir Putin, considers a historical part of Russia that has no right to sovereignty and independence. In the early days of the war, the Ukrainian army managed to inflict a tactical defeat on the Russians, who moved into Ukraine using an archaic Soviet military playbook. Russia further reconsidered its tactics and strategy: its forces are massive bombarding Ukrainian cities and destroying civilian infrastructure in order to coerce Ukraine to capitulation. The destruction inflicted by Russia results in mass civilian casualties, 12 million Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes, including 3 million who left Ukraine. Ukraine badly needs modern European weapons in order to end this war as soon as possible.
Russia's aggression has created unprecedented geopolitical turbulence in Europe: coupled with a humanitarian crisis due to a huge number of refugees, the ongoing hostilities pose the risk of a man-made catastrophe. Also, the fighting can at any moment spill beyond the borders of Ukraine as the Kremlin's appetites aren’t limited to Ukraine. Russia could wage a protracted war of attrition against asymmetric adversaries so many European nations could become the Kremlin's next military targets. Europe is facing the threat of the bloodiest war being unleashed since 1945.
Providing effective weapons to Ukraine is a matter of bringing peace to Europe. Russia will make no concessions, let alone compromise. All Moscow understands is the language of power. The only thing that stopped the advance of the Russian horde in Ukraine at the initial stages of the invasion was inflicting unacceptable losses on their forces. Russia exploits speculation on the issue of talks only to assess the ever-changing situation at the front lines and make appropriate adjustments. If the Kremlin succeeds in putting down Ukraine, Europe will face an inevitable bloody war. Every prosperous European capital could face the tragic scenario of the Ukrainian Mariupol, the city practically wiped off the face of the earth, where the bodies of inhabitants murdered by the Russians were hastily buried in parks and squares.
Unfortunately, this surreal nightmare scenario will be absolutely inevitable for civilized Europe, which the vicious and envious Russian war machine seeks to destroy and annihilate.
In the meantime, women and children are dying in Ukraine – their lives being the cost of protecting peace and tranquility of the West. Ukraine appeals to the entire civilized world to provide real, effective weaponry. These must be weapons capable of helping Ukraine win this war quickly, preventing a much bigger war in Europe. Every day of brings the world closer to a major war with Russia. Ukraine is heroically resisting the invasion, but the shortage of weapons is becoming more and more pronounced. Give weapons to real heroes and they will put an end to the barbarian war!
The barbaric war Russia unleashed in Ukraine is an unprecedented act of medieval cruelty Europe never seen in its newest history.

"Just the facts ma'am."
I share the dislike against the war Russia started like the next person but good Scott, can we use less propaganda speak and at least try to provide objective news ?
Political Review wrote:The barbaric war Russia unleashed in Ukraine is an unprecedented act of medieval cruelty Europe never seen in its newest history.

Apologies but this statement seems somewhat contradictory. The terms "unprecedented" and "newest history" would seem to be in opposition to each other.

Also people keep saying this conflict is "medieval". I had hoped perhaps naively, that the one thing we could all agree on, was that pretty much nothing about this conflict was medieval. There are no medieval stone walls that were so important in medieval warfare. Its not just that this war is not medieval, it can't even be described as Napoleonic. the solidity and extent of the front lines far exceeds what we saw even in the latter stages of the American civil war.

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