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"The substitution of the internal combustion engine for the horse marked a very gloomy milestone in the progress of mankind," -Winston Churchill.

Cyber Monday 2018 is forecast to be the biggest online shopping day in US history

Cyber Monday is expected to generate $7.8 billion in sales, up nearly 18% on last year, according to a new report from Adobe Analytics.

The lofty expectation comes even as shoppers increasingly spread their online holiday shopping over several days.

Black Friday pulled in $6.22 billion in online sales, Adobe Analytics said, according to CNBC, up 23.6% from a year ago. Thanksgiving Day itself has become a big shopping day too, attracting an estimated $3.7 billion in sales.


Black Friday saw a record of more than $2 billion in sales done through smartphones alone, the Adobe report said, per CNBC.

But even if it does have the US shopping calendar sewn up, Cyber Monday is still second string to the biggest online shopping day in the world.

Cyber Monday is eclipsed by Singles Day, a Chinese shopping event that attracts almost four times the sales volume.

With $30.8 billion made in sales over 24 hours this month from a single company — the e-commerce platform Alibaba — Singles Day celebration is easily the biggest shopping event on earth. ... ry-2018-11

New Studies Show Just How Bad Social Media Is For Mental Health

Some people may be starting to come to grips with the fact that social media isn’t so great for mental health. Others may think that getting on it will give them a boost—but especially depending on how you spend your time on it, you may well feel worse after using. Plenty of studies have found correlations between higher social media use and poorer mental health, including depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness and isolation, lower self-esteem, and even suicidality.

But two new studies underline this reality by showing not just correlation, but causation—in other words, that tweaking your time on social media actually has measurable effects on mental health

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FDA Hides Clear Evidence of Cancer Risk & DNA Damage From Wireless Radiation - US Brain Tumor

NTP Study Provides Enough Evidence for Class 1 Human Carcinogen-Scientists Demand 5G Moratorium

"The $25 million US National Toxicology Program Study has proven again what other studies have shown us that wireless radiation is a Class 1 Human Carcinogen like cigarette smoke and asbestos and should be treated as such. The NTP study proved wireless radiation can cause cancer and it can damage our DNA which can lead to a host of serious diseases. We must warn people and minimize exposure. I along with more than 200 of my colleagues who are expert in the field have called for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G which promises to maximize our exposure to harmful wireless radiation ( Action must be taken to set new safety standards and protect our public's health." Professor Emeritus Anthony Miller MD, FRCP, FRCP(C),FFPH, former Director, National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group and former member World Health Organization Expert Advisory Panel on Cancer 2005-2015 (Professor Miller was also former Director Epidemiology Unit National Cancer Institute of Canada; former Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Evaluation of Screening for Cancer; former Chairman Scientific Advisory Committee, Occupational Cancer Research Centre 2009-2017).

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Trump Administration’s Strategy on Climate: Try to Bury Its Own Scientific Report

The Trump White House, which has defined itself by a willingness to dismiss scientific findings and propose its own facts, on Friday issued a scientific report that directly contradicts its own climate-change policies.

That sets the stage for a remarkable split-screen political reality in coming years. The administration is widely expected to discount or ignore the report’s detailed findings of the economic strain caused by climate change, even as it continues to cut environmental regulations, while opponents use it to mount legal attacks against the very administration that issued the report. ... eport.html

Super-smart designer babies could be on offer soon. But is that ethical?

In his new book Blueprint, the psychologist Robert Plomin explains that it is now possible from our individual genome data to make a meaningful prediction about our IQ. When I discussed the topic with Plomin last month, we agreed on the need for urgent discussion of the implications, before genetic selection of embryos for intelligence hits the market. We’re too late. A company called Genomic Prediction, based in New Jersey, has announced that it will offer that service. New Scientist reports that it has already begun talks with American IVF clinics to find customers. They won’t be in short supply.

Before we start imagining a Gattaca-style future of genetic elites and underclasses, there’s some context needed. The company says it is only offering such testing to spot embryos with an IQ low enough to be classed as a disability, and won’t conduct analyses for high IQ. But the technology the company is using will permit that in principle, and co-founder Stephen Hsu, who has long advocated for the prediction of traits from genes, is quoted as saying: “If we don’t do it, some other company will.” ... telligence

Samsung is building software to control your TV with your brain

The tech is aimed at people with physical disabilities. Testing is set to start in Swiss hospitals early next year.

Samsung has created smart TV software you can control with your brainwaves.

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We need to be mindful as we develop thought-reading tech

Mass thought control may not be on the cards just yet, but mind-reading tech is developing fast. We need to be prepared

HOWEVER much technology knows about you – and you would be surprised how much it does (see “I exposed how firms and politicians can manipulate us online”) – there is one firewall that it can’t penetrate: your skull. Unless you choose to share your thoughts, they remain private.

But for how much longer? Increasingly, a combination of brain scanning and artificial intelligence is opening the black box, gathering signals from deep inside the mind and reverse-engineering them to recreate thoughts. For now, the technology is limited to vision – working out what somebody is looking at from their brain activity (see “Mind-reading AI uses brain scans to guess what you’re looking at”) – but in principle there appears no reason why the entire contents of our minds couldn’t be revealed.

This line of research inevitably raises fears about the ultimate invasion of privacy: mind reading. It is not difficult to imagine some sort of device that can simply be pointed at somebody’s head to extract their thoughts.

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How Technocratic systems are augmenting and automating the default mode network (autobiographical information) via cybernetic feedback loops.

Cultural matrices and sociopolitical identity myths can be modulated by and merged with divisive post-truth politics. Prosumers (a person who consumes and produces a product or service) become self-regulating opinion factories with the power to publish digital pseudo-realities. Digital-reality is now a mass produced web of competing cultural-corporate narratives that funnel into big-brother business models.

Big-brother business models run data sets that are engineered by AI and in-house algorithms. These data sets, AI, and algorithms, comprise cybernetic information loops that can be used to manufacture or manipulate culture. This is the commodification and commercialization of perception, when culture becomes business and business becomes social engineering at the speed of light.

The Technocracy is busy dehumanizing humans and humanizing machines. A kind of post-human culture that can plug human behavior and psychology into an information grid, in order to augment an existing pyramidal-hierarchical pattern of organization and accelerate the compartmentalized nature of society. People are now programmable egos, driven by multiplex psycho-social cybernetic signals. Click the button if you like...

Post-modern Techno-doublethink

‘Robots deserve human rights’: Why activists want to protect machines from their creators

Then you’ve probably been cruel to a machine without even realising it. The concept of harming something that’s not a living, organic being might seem ridiculous right now, but will become very real as artificial intelligence begins to match and surpass our intellectual abilities. This idea is already being discussed by ‘Transhumanists’ who want to ensure the ‘sentient entities’ set to emerge in the coming decades are given the same rights as humans. These techno-utopians believe we must harness technology to conquer death and evolve into a new species free of war, disease and all the other afflictions which have dogged us throughout history. But to do that, they say humanity needs to ensure the machines we create to improve our own lives are not mistreated.

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Normalize a post-human society via incremental nudging.
Very pertinent information

Ellen DeGeneres Just Gave Two Oculus Go Headsets To Each Person In Her Audience

Ellen DeGeneres just gave her show’s audience two Oculus Go headsets each, funded as a marketing expense by Facebook. Ellen’s audience is typically around 400 strong, so this would equate to around 800 VR headsets given away.

Why two Oculus Go’s each, you may ask? We can’t be certain, but it’s likely that Facebook wants the audience to use the social VR apps available on the headset with people they know. ... -audience/

Facebook Taps Celebrities Including Wiz Khalifa, Awkwafina for Oculus Go Ad Campaign

Facebook is going all out with an ad campaign for its entry-level VR headset this holiday season. The company is promoting the $200 Oculus Go with ads featuring Wiz Khalifa, Awkwafina, Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo and Leslie Jones. ... 203026109/

Tech Journalists Locked Out At Top AI Conference

Members of the press have been blocked from attending some of the most interesting events at the NeurIPS artificial intelligence conference.

Organisers of NeurIPS, rebranded from NIPS (Neural Information Systems Processing) last month, made it impossible for journalists to attend "workshops" at NeurIPS 2018, which took place this week in Montreal.

The workshops contain many of the debates and the most interesting discussions, according to conference attendee and OpenAI policy director Jack Clark, who happens to be a former Bloomberg technology journalist. Clark appears to be the first person to publicise the fact that journalists are not allowed to attend the workshops.

Karen Hao, an AI reporter for MIT Technology Review, wrote on Twitter: "The best part about NeurIPS is the opportunity for learning, not opportunity for stories. It was sad to me that being labeled a reporter suddenly shut the door on my learning."

Katyanna Quach, an AI and science reporter for The Register, added: "Banning workshops sucks. It's where journalists can learn the most as all other research has been published. I found the sessions very valuable last year, and didn't really see any situations that would have made any companies/researchers look bad if they were reported."

The quality of AI media coverage varies and some AI researchers worry about sharing technical breakthroughs with the press over fears that they will be misreported. Certain newspapers and magazines scaremonger by regularly using pictures of The Terminator or other killer robots even though there’s no evidence to suggest machines will turn against us. ... 5cd88b762f

Microsoft Warns Washington to Regulate A.I. Before Its Too Late

The company echoed tech ethicists and employees in its call for restrictions. As Microsoft president Brad Smith put it, “We must ensure that the year 2024 doesn’t look like a page from the novel 1984.”

"You cannot have black-box systems in core social services.”

“The long-term concerns around civil liberties aren’t being considered.”

“How far-ranging does the Secret Service believe its monitoring efforts need to be to fulfill its mission?” wrote the A.C.L.U. “Whatever the answer is today, there is good reason to be concerned about what that answer might be in the future—especially if unregulated face recognition and other technologies make it cheap and easy to extend the tentacles of its surveillance outwards.” Microsoft’s announcement may well have been a strategic bid for good P.R. But even so, it’s a crucial step as companies continue to develop A.I. in an unregulated space. “There is no longer a question of whether there are issues with accountability,” Meredith Whittaker, an A.I. Now co-founder who works at Google, told Bloomberg. “It’s what we do about it.”

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DARPA head on AI dangers: ‘It’s not one of those things that keeps me up at night’

Walker’s comments arrive amid a backdrop of bitter controversy surrounding the military’s use of AI. In June, thousands of Google employees signed a petition protesting the company’s role in a Defense Department project using machine intelligence. ... bbbf429324

Organizers of gene-editing meeting blast Chinese study but call for ‘pathway’ to human trials

An international conference on human gene editing dominated by news of the birth of the world's first genetically engineered babies concluded today with a statement from the organizers that harshly condemned the controversial study. But it did not call for a global moratorium on similar studies, as some scientists had hoped; instead it called for a "translational pathway" that might eventually bring the ethically fraught technology to patients in a responsible way. ... man-trials

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