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Japan originally brought up the Tripartite Pact.

http://timeline.sakura.ne.jp/01/n/1/9/3 ... .html#9_27

September 27, 1940 was one of the most glorious and victorious days for the Japanese history.

The day commemorated the two victorious battles against the Mongol Empire.

At that time, Fumimaro Konoe was the Japanese prime minister.

He had the idea of a "new political structure" beforehand.

Koki 660 years celebration is Japan's tradition.


Probably Japan was the leader and the mastermind of the Second World War.

Probably Japan has been the secret but global mastermind empire.

Probably Japan's defeat was a mere fake story for the future global control.

(Hypotheses are included)
Konoe Fumimaro, prime minister of Japan (1937–39), was hoping to enter into discussions with Franklin D. Roosevelt to prevent war between the two nations. However, Roosevelt rejected his peace overture and he had no intent on making peace. Roosevelt was strongly urged by Churchill to enter the war to save Britain, hoping that Imperial Japan would fire the first shot, which enabled America's backdoor entry. On 18 May 1940 Winston, 'with great intensity', told his son Randolph: 'I think I see my way through ... I shall drag the United States in [i.e. into the war.]'

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