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Warfare or expedition requires strong and staunch realization that the act performed by a Nation is justifiable by all means. In modern age, there is a grave requirement of such tools which can not only deliver maximum results but have tendency to save human lives in case of war. As every conflict brings destruction; bloodshed remains inevitable. For this purpose, public sentiment molders have devised a set of tools which can not only provide them results according to their lust or desire, but also by remaining unanswerable to anyone apposing their acts of brutality and violence.

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these are tools of old psyop warfare facilitated through social engineering [1][1] while the future way of imposing such techniques will be greater technotronic manipulation as globally as possible like holograph brainwashing and hologram soulscraping, let me elaborate ...

    we are now on the verge of implementing fakebook VR holograms in consciousness what was developed by darpa almost 20 years ago, some pipeline of that experiments goes like this [1][1]-[1][1]-[2][2][2] something that I am recognizing as technocratic art and sharing it as such [3]

now if there was program and projects for sure there is agenda, with goals like mind hacking , till now through fakebook dopamine/cortisol training or raw propaganda swaying by ai algorithms, but to engage manjurian level it would need complet control some say total population control, but for what there is need of BIM neural interface what could be achieved on two levels normally ... 1. fakebook fun through eeg cap [1][1] and/or 2. nanobot electrode receivers that would be connected through wide range satelite lasers i.e. photonic linking so people would be hived even they dont want to i.e. gmo proteins + satelite/dvb or dvc radiation = holoVR-BrainPrograming >>> [1][1] + [2][2][2] in this last bolded footnote explained like bioresonance approach that could be used even for dna reprograming [2] all this easily done through mobile phone or reciever radiation too [3][3] now just imagine what would happen if all that is encrypted by quantum satellite links [4] would be possible such conspiracy to be hacked!? we are really lucky that we still live in multipolar world! so fasten Your seatbelts and prepare for flight to Mars :D

in the thread for broaden constitutional rights I've posted nice video that is good contribution to this thread too [1] but in case of mind control indeed it should be implemented nano technology through which could be introduced direct local population control ... even here on this forum there was some potential experimental example [1] what eventually as technique is exposed in Matrix Deciphered [2][2][2][2][2] what in the end is globally alerted by some scientists [3][4]

    People who are unaware of these techniques used in warfare will be left confused and feeling insane, which is the ultimate goal of covering up the human mind control experimentation program. [2]


[2][2][2][2] Politics of Psychotronics

How can you expect someone who barely tasted freedom to value it as much as those who have? The government organizations are not democratic by nature and free speech certainly is not tolerated. Someone who you want to lead this country to its agreed upon future should only come from the culture that represents those ideals.

Through our trust in our government officials‟ truthfulness and competence, we have allowed our country and its ideals to be turned into the very thing that we used to fear from communism or an autocracy.

And I offer this advice for those lucky enough to be patriotic flag waving ignorants like I was only two years ago, enjoy the delusion and pray you're number or loved ones‟ are not the next to be drawn. Showing support for an ideal is good, but supporting a façade system that has taken those same colors will help destroy those very ideals.

    Why do the NATO countries have the illusion of freedom with fascism behind it, a facade government and a shadow government? It can best be illustrated with a child. If you want the child to rake the leaves in the yard, you could order him and pay him to do the task. He/she will begrudgingly do it and call it a chore.

    We have traditionally been taught to think of this approach as communism or dictatorship. But, if you allow the child the privilege to rake the leaves in the pile so he and his friends can jump and play in the pile, he/she is grateful and will do it for free. It is the illusion of choices and freedom that can increase productivity of the military/industry complex.

    Similarly, if a country were to draft people into an army like in Vietnam, people begrudgingly do it. They will fight half heartedly. Give them an imaginary ideal where they are willing to die for their principle and cause, they will sign up and fight righteously.

    It is this layer of lies that has given the United States an edge over other forms of government in order to control and motivate the minds of the masses more efficiently.

    This method of rule turns out to be a double edge sword. It relies heavily on the ability to control information streams so that the illusion doesn't come crashing down. The backlash of a population, who believed they were free, will also be willing to overthrow a fascist shadow government just as fervently if the knowledge reached critical mass. Simply the lies needed to discount everyone as crazy would start falling apart as people became more aware of the cover ups. This is their Achilles heel. Knowledge is power and an informational civil war is how they can be destroyed.

Amazing how much human suffering these military surveillance systems are causing and have caused. Even the magnetic jewelry craze and negative ion generators that make people feel better can be linked to these Radar signals and human surveillance techniques of bioelectric field modulation and reading.

Magnetic jewelry has become quite popular because of its lessening of pain effects. And quartz crystals work for some people. It turns out that quartz disrupts scatter radar fields due to the wavelengths at which they operate. So much pain and suffering throughout the world can be explained by the electromagnetic pollution of these stealthy scalar scatter radar systems tracking life forms.
if nsa works behind back of the us-congress regarding the mass-surveillance [1][1] then why not to assume that in darpa or other pentagon and cia programs is in place mindcontrol technology [2][2][2] only question would be whether these programs are shared somehow between agencies ... defacto they snoop all the communication, also can jump in any computer [3] but this to hack someones mind is too much to handle, still more and more informations are popping around, now we need just some elite whistler except engineer [1][1][1] to give credit to particular agency ... yet in that book there are so much propositions and assumptions that fearful people can become paranoid [1]

[1] [2][3][3][4]

yeah I know this is sf for most of the masses
but there is even greater skim says Robert Duncan eg. implanting memories [2][3]
“We need to keep up with the Russians” [4][4][4]
tho officially till now in warfare used only by nato [2][2]

hm, I am not sure why using elf/vlf or microwave targeting when simply this could be done through the music or movie industry like background noise, eventually through any modern e-medium or fakebook alike, through any website as a matter of fact, and like that to be implanted subliminal messages or triggered wanted behavior by manipulation of specific frequencies!?

Edward Tilton, President of Silent Sounds, Inc., says this about S-quad in a letter dated December 13, 1996:

"All schematics, however, have been classified by the Government and we are not allowed to reveal the exact detail ...we make tapes and CDs for the German Government, even former Soviet Union countries! All with the permission of the State Department, of course... The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully."

The graphic illustration, "Induced Alpha to Theta Biofeedback Cluster Movement", which accompanies the literature, is labelled "#AB116-394-95 UNCLASSIFIED" and is an output from "the world's most versatile and most sensitive electroencephalograph (EEG) machine". It has a gain capability of 200,000, as compared to other EEG machine use which have gain capability of approximately 50,000. ] It is software-driven by the "fastest of computers" using a noise nulling technology similar to that used by nuclear submarines for detecting small objects underwater at extreme range.

The purpose of all this high technology is to plot and display a moving cluster of periodic brainwave signals.

and the story have no end

the problem is, "a neo-fascist police state mentality that pervaded the intelligence community and is a danger to the US to this day." [1]

the problem and risk is freemasonry as deepstate swamp [1] eager to choke Christianity
programing the free will as on alpha [1] so as on theta level [2]

[1] [1]

not sure on which level but probably psychonautics was also involved experimentally

but alone psychotronics is something way more doable manageable controllable
not sure whether RD is left alive so he would transfer the word for existence of such technology and in time the western masses to be conditioned on the matter and accept the fact that they should be aligned with the state agendas otherwise becoming instant target by invisible torture if they think freely, but what is true is that there are many victims of this think for now experimental program so at least their burden is til some extent easen ...

anyway commercialization of this technology is possible, as noted in the first mine post in this thread, probably through fakebook ... indeed hedonistic bates will be norm for acceptance of this kind of technology [1][2][3][4][5][6]

    for what there is need of BIM neural interface what could be achieved on two levels normally ... 1. fakebook fun through eeg cap [1][1]

what eventually some say will be used not for simple surveillance or warfare but for Chasing Technological Singularity, what somehow was also propagated earlier through SciFi conditioning of the masses, tho think for any kind of happy acceptance they any eventual transhumanistic elites are too late ...

    but to engage manjurian level it would need complet control some say total population control

basicly masses are conditioned already by famous transhumanists that are offering the bim interface plugin as normal idea that should be accepted as needed, lets say it ethical side it would be questionable even if we have lived in some utopian unelitis world where there would be no risks form misuse of such technology ... idiocracy no lobotomocracy, homo-silicone idea suddenly appears as possible cyborg future!
and now gets scary, voluntary acceptance of chipping, no matter how unethical it would be, depending on different state trends and legislature, eventually will be Free Will choice of anyone if this technology as holodeck entertainment is allowed, aside the risks for hiving the citizens in more totalitarian way, but what if some elites have in mind total control thus hiving everyone as on west so as on east without consent!? for what they will not need chips as receivers but nanobot antennas, what think is already experimental reality, only now in question is how secure and consistent are their mind holograms and vr-envinronment what with the rise of A.I. and quantum computers eventually will be secured sooner or later! and indeed the matrix scenario is close to its revelation in real life, just maybe too far from the clash between the humans and machines, lets say we are in the end phase of the beginning of such circumstances!

for now this technology will be engaged by the war industry for (manjurian alike) soldier upgrades or psychotronic psyop, and probably for police state paradigm in any dystopian circumstances that could arose as result of eventual collapse of the world economy for what already there are military assumptions since 2016 [1] for what little by little there is also emerging suitable legislature in the western countries [2]


Masers work with all radio waves!


WYSK About ELF Waves Capabilities & MindControl


From Psyops to Neurowar: What Are the Dangers?


anyway, any fear from nanobot involuntary chipping is real possibility, so we need to focus on ways of dismantling such receivers tomorrow in our bodies, what could be done I assume with emf shocks, or by spiritual way, yet knowing how much modern people are far away from ascetic means of manipulating spiritual energies, they will be left to emf buzzing, tho like that there are risks from heart attacks also, along the need for experimenting with the degree of emf-ing, when also at risks would be neurons if the nanobots logically are hidden in the brain tissues! maybe in this respect eventual ww3 will gives us some room for freedom later, otherwise think as humanity we will be at risk of borg alike future! eventually asteroid strike or deluge will keep us safe for some time, but also this kind of events can speed up the technotorinic singularity will of some eugenic transhumanists who now behind the scenes are just dreaming about that!!!

for now definitely Its All About The Transceiver! ~ [1]

i'll not elaborate the history of eugenics and behaviorism, but I see the trend resurfacing nowadays through the transhumanistic movement, which think see the current humanity as brainless eaters who first need to be tagged process already in place on every level except constant human resources counting and manipulation [1] which as premiss could be found even earlier in history of emf live experiments - 10.04.1967 - Push-Button People? [2] [1]

is this really doable, check the next footnotes [1][2][2][3][4][5][5][6] dont forget this is '90s technology now just more beautified [6] and probably now with splicing genoms there is way easier means to be made bio-receivers ... anyway as could be seen "they" dont have need of vaccination for chipping, altho as experimental jabs that is useful for monitoring experimental control group, so not that there are not risks, but are You so fit so naturally could resist any new lab-virus attack!? what to say chose between two evils! stil if time has come for mass chipping at least there will be one whistler from the top!? or is such operation to big to fail!?

2008 -

2010 - DNA-like robotic nanoscale assembly devices -

2016 -

Thought-Controlled dna Nanoscale Robots in a Living Host -
above technotronic info altho nice still dont explain the possibility of mind induced VR reality, those are just suggestions how this could be triggered from outside if there is receiver in place i.e. cortical modem with wannabe holo vibe [1][1] most probably like nanobot antennas but also protein triggers pointed in the quote bellow ... so in this post I'll offer possible ways of holodeck simulation ...

    Odiseizam wrote:2. nanobot electrode receivers that would be connected through wide range satelite lasers i.e. photonic linking so people would be hived even they dont want to i.e. gmo proteins + satelite/dvb or dvc radiation = holoVR-BrainPrograming >>> [1][1] + [2][2][2]

I am not so insightful on the matter or the possibilities, so I'll have to guess what kind of technology could make complete staging for bioVR simulations ... most probably this will be engaged again through frequencies [1] maybe the microwave 6g/7g diapason [2] but instead mapping projecting maps ... and normally all this would be achieved experimentally coz cosmopolitan reasons like always is [2][2] I have no dilemmas whether this is possible or not, yet people resonate its hardly achievable, tho if the technology is already there now is just question of upgrading, and as in binary computer software there would be need for constant patches coz stability, but quick coherence maybe will be achieved with eventual trinary software architecture i.e. qutrit [3] through probable quantum computers [4] and indeed like that we could get startrek alike holodecks, the question is for what purpose they'll be used!? one cinematic predisposition in the australian scifi OtherLife talks about possible vr penitentiary system [5] but what if day after we are all bugged by some behind the scenes transhumanistic agenda!? maybe enough just competing eugenic behaviorism [6] what then? how hackers will coup with biology i.e. be able to use biohacks!?

anyway there are different assumptions [6] but think currently most probable way of applying this kind of vr brain control is thought some version of AHR ... the lesson would be we are facing the beginning of borg alike transhumanism!

    presumably there would be no escape too!?

    researchers at the University of Maryland have come up with a sci-fi seeming technology that one day could make them real. Using a time-reversal technique, the team has discovered how to transmit power, sound or images to a nonlinear object without knowing the object's exact location and without affecting objects around it. Their work, "Nonlinear Time Reversal in a Wave Chaotic System," was published in the Feb. 7 issue of the Physical Review Letters journal.
    ... ... uture.html

    probably what later with particular gene editing or attached dna nanobots could be used also as ethnic delusional weapon!?

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