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(Spoiler alert) Thinking he was foiling a terrorist plot for the U.S. government, an ex-soldier kills a scientist, and his team steals a respiratory virus and its vaccine. But the team, he later suspects, was actually working for a big drug company that planned to release the virus then make a fortune selling the vaccine.

That was the premise of The Contractor, a 2022 film starring Chris Pine that finished production at the end of 2019. Distribution was delayed and the film, when released, was poorly received and grossed less than $1 million in its opening weekend.

Given the film was completed before the spread of COVID, I am a bit surprised that COVID conspiracy buffs did not jump on this piece of fiction as evidence of a real plot to spread the virus.

I just finished watching the film on a DVD from the library. A barely recognizable Kiefer Sutherland is also in the movie, sporting a beard that looks like it belongs to a Confederate general.
Robert Urbanek wrote:
(Spoiler alert)

Spoiled alert...

There have been a ton of conspiracy fantasies. I've decided it's time to stop calling them theories because *none* of them are theories. They are the rants of lunatics.

Theories demand evidence, and procedure.

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