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I am of the belief that as things go, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's relationship isn't exactly what the media states it is, nor is it much ado about nothing as conservatives claim. Some might argue that the President enjoys making tongues wag over the many incidents that could qualify as wink and nod moments, while others insist that he is an outright agent of the Russians and is compromised due to previous business associations that required lending in order to keep his private businesses solvent.

I think that no matter what can be said, one thing seems rather apparent: Bretton Woods, and the US dollar as a reserve currency is on borrowed time. In fact, I am now of the belief that Trump's intentions are towards compromising the Federal Reserve and ending the current relationship between the Central Bank and the United States government by forcing the insolvency of the US dollar on an accelerated timetable.

Some might find this ludicrous, but Russia has wanted to end the petrodollar arrangement with OPEC for decades. And on the other side of it? You have remnants of the Ron Paul Revolution in play in conservative circles who would also love to see nothing more than "ending the Fed", and repeat is as a mantra among themselves while secretly wishing the US dollar could return to a pre-1971 gold based standard.

I don't think either is realistic. The Trade War with China will inevitably lead to a divorce and a reduced US presence in the Eastern Hemisphere. In this scenario there will be no enticement or necessity to trade with a currency that has in excess of 22+ trillion dollars of uncollected debt associated with it. And for those on the conservative side? The US dollar is not actually a sovereign currency and as long the US has a reserve currency it has to assume the role of the protector for industries that use that currency.

So why is Vladimir Putin supporting the President? They both want to see the end of the US dollar as we know it. Call it madness, call it lunacy but I sincerely believe this.
So why is Vladimir Putin supporting the President? They both want to see the end of the US dollar as we know it. Call it madness, call it lunacy but I sincerely believe this.

Even after Russiagate, Trump is still pushing his pro-Russia agenda. Trump proposed to invite Russia to the next G7 meeting, which used to be G8 with Russia until the Crimea takeover. I think every Russian loves Trump no matter what he does and he may actually be a Russian spy.

There was no consensus among G7 leaders to invite Russia next year to the summit in the United States, French President Emmanuel Macron said at a closing press conference of the G7 summit in Biarritz.

Macron added that he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel would organise a summit in the coming weeks with the Russian and Ukrainian leaders to obtain results on the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

The French president also said that the US had not signed up to a charter against online hate speech for legal reasons.

"We formalised an agreement for the first time with several Anglo-Saxon and European platforms and with support from nearly all (G7) countries," he said.

"We had a very good discussion with the United States, which for legal reasons was not able to formalise the agreement on this point," Macron said, adding he was hopeful it could be done in the coming weeks.

https://www.euronews.com/2019/08/26/no- ... ays-macron
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Finfinder wrote:When will you people realize the Russian thing was a hoax? Or the does media own your thought process?

Yes and no. The election interference part was a hoax, or at least a vastly exaggerated instance of what most every nation does. Russian involvement in influence peddling was minor compared to Israel. There is no evidence that Russia actually hacked any voting machines, although there's no way to really know. US voting machines are deliberately designed to leave no verifiable voting trail, or any other evidence that votes have been changed.

Where it gets interesting is that Russian oligarchs have been involved in laundering cash through Trump investment properties. While this is illegal (money laundering is how we got Noriega), it's no secret that all large RE investment firms have some degree of involvement in illegal money laundering. This is why Trump is so hyper secretive about the details of his financial transactions. Presumably, if his involvement in illegality is extensive enough, he could be in legal jeopardy.

I'm skeptical that any prosecutions will ever come of this. In the US, rank has its privileges and money is rank.
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