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By cherry
You can be Tiger Woods!

This year Japan holds the "2019 Rugby Union World Cup".

I have been investigating the dates for a month.

The result was amazing.

But today, I was much more amazed by the Nissan's golf ball.

To tell the truth, I have been investigating the tricks in golf competitions.

I thought that there might have been special devices in or around the green.

But I forgot that Japan's conspiracy is almost paradoxical.

About 10 years ago, I investigated the trick in the drawing in the Japanese governments' lottery systems.

I believed that the arrow in the arrow shooting machine is controlled.

But when I asked a physical scientist about it, the answer was amazing.

He said that the arrow was not controlled but that the turning target board is controlled.

Now I have made the same mistake again.

In the golf competition, the trick was not around the green,

The trick was inside the golf ball.

This time my story ends here.

The story about the rugby world cup, Magellan and Columbus will be argued next time. ... html#10_12 ... .html#9_20

The biggest story in golf is Hinako Shibuno who won the AIG Women's British Open. She was playing in her first major tournament and her first event outside of Japan, but Hinako Shibuno was unfazed as she clinched the AIG Women's British Open. She is dubbed the “Smiling Cinderella” by the media in her home country of Japan.

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